Kertajati Airport is Targeted to Operate in May 2018

JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) some time ago has requested the construction of Kertajati Airport in Majalengka can be accelerated. From its initial target in 2019, Jokowi requested that the airport construction be completed by 2018.

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya said, currently, the construction of the airport has started running. Development will continue until early 2018.

“I think the road is there, it’s two things, one, the airside, it’s our airside that builds, so, Inshallah by the beginning of 2018 it’s done .. Airside is a runway of all sorts.If it’s a landside, it’s done by BUMD, “said Budi Karya at the State Palace Complex, Tuesday (6/6/2017).

Targeted in May 2018, this airport can work. This target was in accordance with the wishes of President Jokowi.

“So God willing, we are soft opening 2018. Everything to be able to operate, yes about May lah,” he said.

Previously, Yogyakarta Special Region Governor (DIY), who is also the king of Sultanate of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono (HB) X, said the construction of the international airport has no obstacles in the process of completion. Hopefully, this development can be completed on time.


Source: (7 Juni 2017 / 14.37 PM)