Kertajati Airport to Jatiluhur Hydroelectricity is Worth Selling Green Bonds

JAKARTA, (OKEZONE) – The Ministry of National Development Planning / National Development Planning Agency (PPN / Bappenas) through a facilitation unit of Government Investment Financing Facility (PINA Center) successfully facilitated a memorandum of understanding on green bond cooperation between Indonesia Asset Backed Securities (EBA) and The Climate Bond Intitative.

The presence of infrastructure financing schemes through green bonds makes PINA start mapping out which projects can be developed with ‘green’ or environmentally sound themes.

“(Green bonds) For sectors that are not related to roads, make everything that is not linked to the highway is eligible to receive green bonds are airports, ports and railways, and there are also related to waste to enegy, EBT. related to the greend we map first, “he said, at the Bappenas Building, Jakarta, Monday (5/2/2018).

He mentioned, one of the three projects that are projected to be financed through greend bonds are Kertajati Airport, New Priok, Jatiluhur hydropower. However, Eko has not yet confirmed whether the project will get green bonds or not.

“We map first, whether the approach to each with the scheme b to b We have the coordination,” he said.

Eko explains, green bonds and asset-backed securities become contextual because one of several alternative financing companies. According to him, in the future green bonds will support infrastructure institutions and financial institutions in Indonesia to obtain investment financing through environmentally sound securities.

Therefore, the company should know all the alternatives available from short, medium, and long term financing.

“Each time segment is against investors who are willing to invest,” he said.

For information, there are currently 34 infrastructure projects worth Rp348.2 trillion registered in the PINA project pipeline and ready to be offered to potential investors. The project consists of 19 toll road projects, 4 airport and airplane flight projects, 10 power generation and transmission projects and 1 tourism project.