BMCK Need Rp339,8 M for North and South Ring Road to BIJB

Toward the operation of West Java International Airport (BIJB), improving the quality of road infrastructure becomes one of the main priorities of the Government of Regency (Pemkab) Majalengka.

According to the Head of Bina Marga Cipta Karya (BMCK) Drs H Eman Suherman MM, during the year 2017 the district government has successfully repaired 127.35 kilometers of roads covering road access in village and district axes. Such as the roads that become connecting access in Ligung-Jatiwangi area, Cigasong-Jatiwangi, Maja-Argapura, Kertajati-Jatitujuh, and so on.

“Even access-access roads to attractions such as District Aragapura, Majalengka, and Rajagaluh so far we have noticed and will continue to be improved quality in 2018,” he said.

He explained that BMCK has submitted a budget of Rp 339.8 billion, divided into Rp211.8 billion for special allocation funds (DAK) and Rp128 billion submitted to the provincial government and will be used for the construction of the northern ring road of BIJB and the southern ring BIJB.

Liaison Bongas-Bantarwaru, Jatitujuh-Wanasalam, Jatiwangi-Wanasalam, and Pakubereum bridge Kertajati District will also be repaired in 2018. BMCK targets when BIJB operates in 2018, road access in Majalengka Regency as a whole has been improved.

“Many benefits to society when the road infrastructure has been improved. When BIJB operates, the quality of road in Majalengka regency needs to be completely good, “he said.

Previously Majalengka Regent DR H Sutrisno SE MSi once said at the end of 2017 non-toll access to BIJB will be built. He expects the community to prepare everything, especially improve the quality of human resources (HR). According to the regent there will be many business opportunities when the non-toll road infrastructure towards BIJB is completed.

Improvement and improvement of road quality especially to tourism object is the key to improve competitiveness. Moreover, the presence of BIJB not only increases the quantity of human resources, the increase in competitiveness will also increase.

“The government also has the duty and responsibility to realize a safe and convenient transportation for all people,” said the regent.

Good road infrastructure will also support the mobility of the community, the wheels of the economy in each region will also run smoothly. Improved road quality is also believed to increase the number of tourist visits.