‘Wash the Eyes’ in the Majalengka Terraces

Most people, Majalengka regency, West Java is known for its distinctive gentenganya production. But who think if this Majalengka has a natural charm ciamik. Yes, Terraces Panyaweuyan, District Argapura one of them. The views of the farmers’ terraced fields are really refreshing!

Argapura subdistrict in this contour has a land that is tilted 25 to 40 percent. The steep hills with altitudes of about 400-2000 Mdpl are used by the community for rice fields and gardening.
The results of the earth that has been felt and become seeds namely: onions, rice, sweet potatoes, onions, and so forth.

Terasering Panyaweuyan, is an arentarisata destination. To be able to travel to locations that must be instagramable can be selected through the Maja Terminal. From that point we can follow the path facing Argalingga. From there the local people do not hesitate to point to the location we will go.

The condition of the road to the location is good enough. It’s just a narrow road. So it is advisable to come to the location can use a motorcycle or bike for all exercise. The best time to be at the location is 6 am to 8 am. The weather is still fresh. The sun is not so hot. Jam clock is guaranteed to make hypnotized with its natural beauty.

Photography fans here will also get the best picture. Taking panoramic mode because the landscaped landscape landscape is guaranteed to make this place an okay experience. Especially if by using video drones and cameras. Incredible results.

Speaking Majalengka. Maybe we can say this area will be the future area of ​​West Java. The district that was originally left behind by the development is being cleaned up. Acceleration was one of them comes with the presence of new infrastructure namely West Java International Airport (BIJB), in District Kertajati.

Of course the presence of an international airport will affect many sectors. Parisiwisata this one of them. A blend of natural beauty, rural community life and agricultural potential, this will be Majalengka’s leading tourist attraction.