Dome ‘Teak’ Space Filling Kertajati Airport

MAJALENGKA, – As an international airport, West Java International Airport (BIJB) in Kecamatan Kertajati, Majalengka still does not want to lose its identity. Standing in the ancestral land pasundan aesthetics of local wisdom is not eliminated.

Call it the feel of a peacock that became an airport icon implemented directly through the roof. Others are ornaments kujang attached towering towering in Air Traffic Control (ATC) owned by AirNav Indonesia. And the interior area, also translate identity Kertajati District which was once a lot of planted teak trees.

Yes, before the Kertajati Airport area was established, formerly teak trees dominate enough. PT BIJB as the airport development executor wants the identity to remain present. Together with Kuswa Budiono BIJB finally agreed to present an exclusive dome design with teak nuance.

This dome is oval. More like a piece of egg. There are four dome standing at check in hall of third floor terminal. This dome will be a gathering point for people before the flight. Through the dome people will be shaded.

One dome has a diameter of nine meters with a height of six meters. Four dome will form a unified seating unit. In this place the prospective passengers can wait while looking at the touch of art belonging to Kuswa who is an artist from Majalengka origin.

“There are many teak trees in this environment, why not try with a touch of teak, so try using teak ornament.” The boxing is designed to finally be made dome, “said Kuswa.

“Because the dome is shaded then there is a distortion of the jatinya tree which is later functioned to become a kind of point area,” continued the man graduated from the pure art Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB).

Just to note, the teak tree itself is currently much explored because it can produce timber class for the sake of strength, durability and beauty. Those values ​​are also translated Kuswa to make ‘teak’ which is processed by handmade with the help of printing machine can be applied at this airport.

The manufacturing process is taken from soft materials such as night to then converted to resin form. These resins are formed into massive hard molds with fiberglass rainforced plastic (FRP) dressings. With a total of 3,000 molds in the form of teak leaves, then continued hardening. After the hardening then proceed with attachment to make goods of high artistic value.

Men born September 5, 1954 is hoping, in accordance with the philosophy dome provided this not only be a sweetener with a touch of art space, but can be a space of interaction between humans. This is interpreted as a social function of the presence of teak trees in this interior.

Kuswa target, this dome work can be completed in April 2018. This means that the application of teak trees can be enjoyed by residents when the airport operates in May. “This month should be finished,” said artist of contemporary traditional genre./ HUMAS BIJB