House of Representatives Encourage the Integration of Railway or Bus Transportation to Kertajati Airport

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – The House of Representatives encourages the integration of transportation infrastructure, both in the form of roads, rails, as well as public transportation routes to facilitate access from various points in West Java to West Java International Airport (BIJB) or Kertajati Airport in Majalengka Regency.

Member of Commission X of the House of Representatives, Ledia Hanifa Amaliah, said the government is paying special attention to Kertajati Airport which is planned to be operated in June 2018.

It would be unfortunate, he said, if the second largest airport in Indonesia after Soekarno Hatta Airport, is not well integrated with various transportation access.

“Everything must be integrated, so that the Governor’s intention to make Kertajati Airport as an access for West Java citizen, and access to people outside West Java, can be realized well,” Ledia said in Bandung, Saturday (14/4).

Ledia said to date, not much public transportation can be used by residents from Bandung Raya, East Priangan, even from Cirebon Raya to Kertajati.

Ledia said the House of Representatives will encourage state-owned enterprises, such as Perum Damri to create new routes from Bandung, Cirebon, and East Priangan to Kertajati.

Ledia hopes that the central government can create Kertajati Airport such as Kuala Namu Airport in North Sumatra and Soekarno Hatta Airport in Cengkareng which is connected to the railway line. This will further enhance the role of Kertajati Airport as the main airport in West Java that is easily accessible.

“We hope that the realization of the train access to Kertajati via Pantura rail line will be done soon,” he said, adding that if a quick train from Bandung is likely to be difficult because it has to penetrate the mountains from the Pantura or Cirebon route.

Ledia said the existence of Kertajati Airport should be utilized well by the provincial government and district and city in West Java to attract tourists outside West Java, including foreign countries, to travel in West Java.

“We make sure the tourism agencies make travel packages to be enjoyed from Kertajati access, for example to make a tourist track from Kertajati to Cirebon, Kuningan, Ciamis and end in Pangandaran,” he said.

Certainty of access to transportation and accommodation, he said, became the key in attracting tourists to enjoy West Java. Do not forget, said Ledia, Kertajati Airport and tourism areas in West Java, should prepare access to infirm technology, which is a strong signal seluer in the region.

“We see that there is a very good opportunity for transportation service providers or tourism related to the presence of Kertajati Airport, hopefully the local government can do the assistance so that the people around will not only be spectators, but the perpetrators,” he said.

Previously, Technical Manager of Project Management Unit (UMP) of PT BIJB Hidayat Effendi, said that besides will be connected with non-toll road access from Jatibarang-Kadipaten Highway and also toll access from Toll Cipali, this airport will be connected to railway line Jakarta-Surabaya .

“We have provided land for the construction of the railway line in the airport environment, directly to the passenger terminal.Nontol access development is still ongoing and it is expected toll access is immediately opened,” said Hidayat.

According to Hidayat, the train route as fast as Jakarta-Surabaya meets the rail network to Kertajati Airport at Jatibarang Cirebon Station. Rail construction must be accompanied by the construction of several tunnels and bridges from Jatibarang to Kertajati.