Green Canyon Pangandaran

You may know Green Canyon as a famous tourist spot in the United States. But wait, Indonesia also has its own Green Canyon located in Pangandaran. Initially, this amazing natural wonder called Cukang Taneuh in Sundanese means land bridge. Is to mention the name of a bridge with a width of 3 meters made of land located on a cliff twin river bank.

Name Green Canyon believed to emerge in 1993 when a French tourist came to this place and see the amount of water and moss green. From this Cukang Taneuh later known as the Green Canyon.

Green Canyon hidden behind thick bushes and forest trees Pagandaran. That’s why dibetuhkan boat to get to this location. When arriving at the parking area of ​​Green Canyon, you’ll find motorized or wooden boats yag lined on the river bank. You only need to pay Rp 75,000, – per person to be escorted to the Green Canyon. After paying the fare, you will receive a number and a turn according to your numbers.

With ketinting up, you will be invited along river greenish. You will see a beautiful view of the trees on the river bank, and twin high cliffs that stand tall in kudua side of the river with stalactites and stalagmites and the water is so clear. Not only that, you will be amazed by the magnificent water that flows down from each side of the cliff that creates the roar of a waterfall. If you’re not experiencing the tide, you can even walk under this large cave and admire both these giant cliffs.

If you are visiting Pangandaran, do not miss to visit a moment to Green Canyon, a piece of heaven on earth. But first, find out more about the Green Canyon Pangandaran here.