The Presence of BIJB is Opportunity For Tour Guide

MAJALENGKA, (SKN). The presence of BIJB in Kertajati Majalengka, clearly must have a positive impact for the community. We do not want to be just spectators.
Therefore, let’s prepare yourself to seize the opportunity.

“You can be a professional tour guide,” said Andri, who is now actively promoting tourism potential to the world.
According to Andri, the tour guide actually has many roles, such as friends, parents, nurses, etc. A good tour guide should have the ability to connect with many people.

“A good tour guide or tour guide should have extensive knowledge of travel routes, history, geography, important issues, and weather. In some cases, tour guides even have to provide snacks to distribute to guests, “he explained.

She gave some tips on being an effective tour guide. An effective tour guide will respond quickly if there are tourists who are tired, complaining, or overheated. He should be a “captain” who directs tourists, but that’s not everything. If two-way communication is not established, the tour can be said to be “done”.

“Tour guides should be able to stay involved in the tourist feeling. He may have seen an antique building hundreds of times, but the new tourist was the first time. So, a good tour guide will try to find the link between the tourist with his new place, not to make him feel alien to the circumstances, “he concluded. (Dan / gan)