West Java Exports Increases, Especially when BIJB & Petimban operated in 2018

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – West Java, Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS Jabar) has just released data that Jabar export value reached USD 2.30 billion in January 2017, an increase compared to December 2016 amounted to USD 2.29 billion.

Jabar January 2017 export volume amounted to 0.67 million tons, up 15.50% compared to 0.58 million tons in December 2016. The main hikes occurred in the volume of oil and gas exports amounted to 199.89% and the volume of non-oil exports rose 4.38%.

BPS also explained that the largest market share of non-oil exports in West Java is the United States with a value of USD 440.19 million, followed by Japan with an amount of USD 230.95 million and Thailand with USD 172.89 million. The three countries also have a role for 37.33% of the value of exports in West Java.

In response, the West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) thankful that the good trend of economic sectors have continued to occur in West Java. Moreover, these exports indicates the level of confidence in the global oil and gas and non-oil products produced in West Java.

According to him, with the situation, the upward momentum of economic growth (LPE) is the highest national se-last year, continues to be maintained with good performance, especially in the growth of volume and value of exports at the beginning of this year.

“We will continue to do efforts to maintain and grow the export side of West Java. Hopefully, this scintillating performance could continue to happen in the next few months, “he continued.

Overall, the increase occurred in oil and gas exports reached USD 35.08 million or an increase of 199.87% compared to December 2016 amounted to USD 11.70 million. While non-oil exports fell 0.96% from the previous month by USD 2.28 billion to USD 2.26 billion in January 2017.

In the span of January 2016 to January 2017, the export value reached its lowest point in July 2016 which is valued at USD 1.52 billion, while exports were the highest recorded in June 2016 amounted to USD 2.43 billion. While the value of oil and gas exports lowest occurred in November 2016 amounted to USD 10.53 million and the highest in March 2016 amounted to USD 72.47 million.

Ahmad Heryawan added optimism, approximately International Airport West Java (BIJB) in Majalengka and Subang Petimban Port has been completed, then the competitiveness of the export activity will be more powerful because it can effectively lowers logistical duties.

“We expect the year 2018, especially for BIJB can be operated, so that exports and imports do not depend anymore airports in other regions. In terms of location, close to the center Kertajati exporters in West Java, “he concluded. (Yan)

Source: https://jabarnews.com/2017/03/05/ekspor-jabar-meningkat-terlebih-beroperasinya-bijb-petimban-2018/5332/ (March 6, 2017 / 16:13 pm)