Operating Soon, PT BIJB Start Selection Citizens of Kertajati

MAJALENGKA, (BIJB), – As a manifestation of PT West International International Java (BIJB) concerning the residents around the construction of Kertajati Airport, the selection of the local men began to take place. Three days of opening, at least 726 citizens of the Kertajati District identity card (KTP) are interested in some positions needed for airport operations.

Hundreds of job seekers brought their applications by going to the office of project management unit (UMP) of PT BIJB in Kertajati Sub-district since Thursday 1 February which closed on February 7, 2018.

“Total Kertajati residents who apply for application for three days reaches 726. While applicants from non-Kertajati amounted to 276. So a total of 1,002 applicants have entered,” said Head of Human Resources Division and Supporters of PT BIJB Subhan Hadi Susilo

Position needed for the airport operation according to him, namely Aviation Security (Avsec), Apron Movement Control (AMC), greeting officer, information section and terminal inspector. The needs of phase one to be selected are as many as 53 people for later recommended in PT Angkasa Pura II as airport operators.

Subhan said the selection is only a small part of the airport’s operational needs. Because the recruitment for the commercial side of the airport will still be done gradually. For example human resources for cargo, ground handling, airlines personnel, service amenities and tenant workers.

As a first step, PT BIJB said Subhan, still holds a commitment where it will provide job opportunities to the affected residents with the presence of the project. To note, there are six of the 14 villages in direct contact with the airport development project that is Babakan village, Sukamulya, Kertasari, Kertajati, Sukakerta, and Bantarjati.

“We are now beginning to do the selection to meet the operational needs of the aerodrome which is in sight.” We prepare human resources who enter the cooperation clause in order to keep prioritizing the local son especially Kertajati who has qualified and competent in his field, “explained Subhan.

Iwan Irawan, one of the applicants who brought a number of requirements to apply for work, put great hope to work at Kertajati Airport. Armed with the last diploma of Senior High School (SMA) and work experience that has been owned Iwan want to become Avsec officer. “I am here applying as an Avsec officer,” said the villagers Kertamukti, District Kertajati this.

Berstatus as a regional son he hopes that his hope of working at Kertajati Airport can be realized. Big push is so strong because he also wants to change the family economy. “I want to change family life for the better, it will become a big airport and become the pride of West Java citizens as well,” said the 24-year-old man with optimism.