Kadin Jabar: This Year Jabar Strategic Project Must Be Immediately realized

Being the most advanced province in Indonesia has become the launching of the Government of West Java Province in the future. This has already started with various infrastructure development supporting the acceleration of development in West Java area.

Strategic infrastructure development projects are the concern of business actors in West Java, given the existence of adequate infrastructure will facilitate the path of distribution of the economy that will accelerate the flow of development wheels in all corners of West Java.

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Jabar Agung Suryamal said, this year strategic projects are targeted completion, even operate, should be realized. “This considering the infrastructure, will facilitate the distribution and logistics that are needed by business actors in West Java,” said Agung to the Tribune in his office on Tuesday (2/1/2018).

Agung said that if any infrastructure projects are targeted for completion this year, it is expected to be completed on time and can be operated soon. This, he said, to help business actors to minimize the logistics distribution channels are complicated, convoluted and require a big budget.

“All this time, business actors always have to spend more on logistic distribution, if the distribution line infrastructure is complete, then the budget for this complicated distribution can be minimized, as a result, for example, the selling price to end users will be cheaper,” he said. .

A number of projects expected to be maximized this year include the construction of West Java International Airport (BIJB), Kertajati, Majalengka Regency, Subang Port, and Cisumdawu Toll Road. If the construction of these projects is completed, then Jabar business actors no longer need to take the logistics long way to Tanjung Priok Jakarta which takes time and big budget.

Another advantage, said Agung, if the infrastructure projects are completed, then the development of eastern industrial area of ​​West Java can be quickly realized. “So that development in West Java will be more evenly distributed, not only concentrated in the western region of West Java such as Karawang, Purwakarta, Cikarang, but also will grow in eastern and even western Jabar,” he said.

With more and more uneven development in the West Java, Agung added that the projection of West Java to become the most advanced and most developed provinces will be more quickly realized.