Ministry of Religious Affair of Cirebon City Wants BIJB Inaugurated Soon

KESAMBI, (KC Online) .- Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) Cirebon hopes that West Java International Airport (BIJB) located in Kertajati, Majalengka Regency will be inaugurated soon.

If BIJB is inaugurated this year, it will assist the departure of pilgrims coming from West Java. Because, Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin said, BIJB allows to dispatch pilgrims from West Java this year.
Responding to this possibility, Kemenag Cirebon City welcomes if BIJB immediately inaugurated and operate.

Head of Haj and Umrah Office of Religious Affairs of the Cirebon City, H Jajang Badruzaman, said Kemenag Kota Cirebon continues to monitor and review the progress of the airport readiness which is planned to start operating in June 2018.

“The central instruction that the President of RI Joko Widodo wants Kertajati Airport in 2018 can dispatch Hajj. Especially regarding the readiness of facilities and infrastructure for hajj departure. I hope this soon be inaugurated, “said Jajang, Sunday (4/2/2018).

According Jajang, with the operation BIJB, it can facilitate the pilgrims from West Java to leave for the Holy Land. “It’s easy for prospective pilgrims, especially in Region III Cirebon. So later do not have to go to Jakarta again, “he said.

President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo instructed Kertajati Airport in Majalengka to operate in June 2018. The international airport has been completed 85 percent from the side of the development side.

PT West Java International Airport (BIJB) as the executor of airport development and operation reportedly ready to serve the pilgrims departure from West Java in 2018.

In 2018, the city of Cirebon in the middle of the year, Hajj will be appointed July 17 with the number of 331 worshipers from the city of Cirebon, and there are two people filed for cancellation, due to death.

“A total of 331, but there are two who file a cancellation for special reasons. Later from the two quotas will be filled from the waiting list behind the two prospective pilgrims, “he added. (Iskandar / Job)