Ministry of Transportations Issues PM No. 89 2015 about Handling of Flight Delay

To implement the provisions of Article 100 of Law No. 1 Year 2009 on Aviation and provide protection and passenger service scheduled commercial air transport, need to be regulated Handling Flight Delay (Delay Management) At the Board of Scheduled Commercial Air Transport Business in Indonesia.

This provision refers to Law No. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection, Law No. 1 on Aviation, Law No. 25 of the Public Service and a number of the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation, among others, Prime Minister No. KM 25 Year 2008 on the Implementation of the Air Transport as amended by Regulation of the Minister of Communications No. PM 41 2015.

Explains Head of Public Communication Ministry of Transportation JA Barata in Jakarta, Thursday (15/10). ” Referring to the Law on Regulation of the Minister (PM) on the handling of flight delays (delay management) of the Agency Scheduled Commercial Air Transport Business in Indonesia, ” he said.

” In the PM No. 89 In 2015 it also described the scope of the factors causing flight delays and delay, ” he said. Flight delays in the air freight business entity comprised of scheduled commercial flight delay, not terangkutnya passenger by reason of aircraft capacity and flight cancellations.

While flight delays grouped in 6 categories delay.

” The delay cost are grouped in 6 categories of delay, namely the category 1, delay of 30 minutes to 60 minutes, delays in category 2, 61 minute s / d 120 minutes, delays 3, 121 min s / d 180 minutes, category 4, the delay 181 min s / d 240 minutes, category 5, a delay of more than 240 minutes and category 6, flight cancellation, ” he said.

Flight delay is calculated based on the time difference between the time of departure or arrival scheduled to realization departure or arrival time, namely when the aircraft left the parking lot a block off the plane (apron) or when the block plane on the apron and parking at the destination airport.

Factors causing delays among other factors airline management, technical operations, Cuada factors and other factors. While related to the handling of flight delays including air transport business entities are required to provide the officer-level General Manager, Station Manager, other staff or parties appointed and given full authority to take decisions on the ground in dealing with passengers who experience flight delays. (*)

Source: (26 Oktober 2015 / 15.52 WIB)