When the Kadajati Village Heads Study Comparative to the World’s Best Airport

West Java International Airport (BIJB) in Kecamatan Kertajati, Majalengka Regency is predicted to become the future airport in Indonesia. The reason, in addition to going to gate downstream people, Kertajati will also be supported the presence of aerocity which will become the center of new economic growth in West Java.

PT BIJB as the executor of the airport development and the development of the special area, shows its commitment to the Majalengka community, especially in Kertajati District.

“In line with the expectations of citizens, that local residents do not want to be guests at home here, we show that commitment by bringing a number of village officials to look directly to the best airport in the world, Changi (Singapore),” said Corporate Secretary PT BIJB Wasfan Wahyu Widodo, in Bandung, Thursday (30/11).

Comparative study with the objectives of Changi Airport and Kualumpor Airport Malaysia, conducted on Tuesday 21 November to Friday 24 November 2017. Six village heads and their devices see firsthand the grandeur and development of airports in the neighboring countries of Indonesia. The participants of the comparative study came from the village from Mekarmulya, Mekarjaya, Sahbandar, Babakan, Palasah, and Kertawinangun. In the entourage PT BIJB also include the Regional Secretary of Majalengka Ahmad Sodikin, Camat Kertajati, Danlanud, Dandim, Danramil and Immigration representing Muspida / Muspika elements.

In addition to Changi entourage led by Corporate Secretary of PT BIJB is also crossed into Kualalumpur International Airport. Kualumpur Airport is also one of the modern airport benchmark destinations today.

According to Wasfan, Changi who became a bencmark of Kertajati airport is considered appropriate to be a comparative study site of the village heads. Because Changi is the best airport in the world five consecutive years skytrax version. Changi Airport is also recognized as the airport that has the best leisure facilities in the world since 2009 to date.

“With this visit, of course, the hope of the village chief representing his community can prepare themselves to improve the ability in any field to welcome the presence of the airport in Majalengka,” said Wasfan.

Chairman of the Village Penitentiary (BPD) Winangun Oto Primaryono said, direct visits to Changi Airport and Kualumpur facilitated BIJB very useful. As a village that stands around the Kertajati airport project area, he can see firsthand how the utilization and development of the surrounding economy.

“This activity is very beneficial for us, we understand a developed airport area because we do not want our society to be a spectator in our own home so that there will be a change from the origin of farming to the industry,” said Primaryono.

Singapore is famous for its cleanliness and public order hopes he can happen also in Majalengka. “This is an orderly city, hopefully Kertajati can also compete,” he said.

Sekarmulya Village Secretary Ruhiyat Hidayat added, with the provision of knowledge gained from the results of comparative studies, it is time for Majalengka people to deal with change. The reason is unfortunately if the opportunity of Kertajati Airport presence can not be utilized properly to improve the level of economic quality of its citizens.

“We need an insight into how to organize, this four days I get new insights, it turns out that in the environment around the airport there is a lot of potential that can be developed, Majalengka is not too late to develop and I am sure it can compete with other airports,” Ruhiyat said.

“Because the airport is not only the gate of people and goods, but it can be a new business development, we as a successor can be hosted at home,” Ruhiyat said.