Why is the plane the majority white? Here’s the answer!

Ever crossed your mind, why all the commercial aircraft in particular worldwide, the majority white? Even if the bird is wrapped in other colors, it’s just a logo and airline name only. Right? Why yes?

Compiled BIJB.co.id from various sources, it was not without intent. The reason is quite clear and there are scientific calculations why the plane has a color similar to cloud clumps in the sky.

The reason for choosing the color white itself is actually related to security, temperature, and financial reasons. The first reason this is done is to make it easier to check the cracks and dents on the fuselage. This neutral color will easily show signs of corrosion and oil leak points with ease.

In the worst case scenario, where the fuselage is in the water, it is visually easier to find. Over time, darker colors also tend to fade while in the air due to atmospheric conditions.

Furthermore, the link with this temperature can not be separated by erratic weather when sky-glazed. Like humans if wearing white clothes that will reflect sunlight and almost all light. If this black is just the opposite will absorb some of the light.

Of course white color is chosen to prevent the cabin from overheating. Because the plane is white, it will take a shorter time to cool it while it is not moving on land after landing.

The last reason, with regard to cost. The cost of repainting the aircraft can be high and time consuming. To paint one plane is known to take up to a week. From a financial point of view, white planes also tend to have higher selling points than colored ones.

As is known, most major airlines have icons or symbols of various colors as accents. There are also colored lines and patterns. However, the majority of the airframe still has a white base color. There are only a few airlines that color the entire airframe.