Menko Luhut Request Hajj Flight at Kertajati Airport in 5 Months

JAKARTA, (OKEZONE.COM), – Coordinating Minister for Marine Affairs, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, asked the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) to immediately work on three infrastructure projects. The three projects are the acceleration of Port Patimban, Kertajati Airport to Light Rail Transit (LRT) Jabodebek. “From the transportation we want Patimban land issues immediately payment, a little late,” he said when met at the Office of the Coordinating Ministry of maritime, Jakarta, Monday (8/1/2018).

In addition, he asked the Minister of Transportation to complete the Kertajati Majalengka Airport. Thus, this airport can be used for this Lebaran 2018. “The airfield kertajati we want to June should operate the pilgrimage, first.If the settlement is now 86% .But the runway is still slightly less,” he explained.

Especially for the Jabodebek LRT project, he asked the Ministry of Transportation to encourage PT INKA (Persero) to provide trains. Because he really hopes if the LRT project can be done and produced by domestic production. “LRT must break, we want to see what is made in the country, we do not want to import from suppliers that are not clear, must be able to transfer technology We see INKA, we say INKA, if there is less gapapa made in the country But we start artificial in country, “he explained.

Meanwhile, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said for the Patimban project, he made sure to start the process in March 2018. So that in February or March 2019 can be completed and operated. “Patimban I submit a tender, we will begin construction in March, and will be completed approximately Marer or February next year,” he explained.
As for the Jakarta-Surabaya Fast Train, it is currently in the finalization stage of its design. But he continued there is a tendency to use Narrow gauge.

“Regarding the Jakarta-Surabaya train, Jakarta-Surabaya we report, we will finalize what will be done.Will we have the tendency to wear narrow gauge, we will do finalization of study, we ask for a more competitive price from Japan, because Japan itself hard to compare, “he said.

The other side, it is also interested in more detail to improve other tolls. Going forward, his side will conduct a tender repair which prioritizes the cargo to be transported.

“After that, it was also discussed in relation to the sea toll, the sea toll I will be more detailed, there are some corrections we will fix, the tender will be we will be scattered, but we will be more certain, we just tend to the amount of cargo to be transported. we do not want to break, “he said.