Indonesian Aviation Obtains High Score From the ICAO

JAKARTA – The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) gives high scores for aviation security audits Indonesia (universal security audit program / swab), which reached 94.92%. The value appears after the ICAO aviation security audit teams validate the nine aspects related to aviation security, one of which is regulation.

Director General of Air Transportation Suprasetyo said, the audit has been carried out ICAO security audit teams on October 29 to November 5, 2015. When the inspection team also carry out an audit of ICAO aviation security-related field at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Tangerang.

“Audit good for our security, the score is 94.92%. Assessment was carried out for all kinds ranging from the regulation, operation, until licenses human resources (HR), “said Suprasetyo in Jakarta last weekend.

He explained, in addition to indicating the aviation security sector reform is increasingly improved, the high scores it can also be a significant capital Indonesia to resubmit the ICAO 2016-2019 as a member of the board, which is scheduled election is done in September 2016.

As known, the ICAO council members consist of 36 countries selected from ICAO’s 191 member countries. Countries board members may participate in meetings of technical committees to discuss the new regulations will be issued by the agency under the auspices of the United Nations member countries itu.Pemilihan council conducted through general election ballot at a session every three years.

In the same place, director of air transport KemenhubMuzaffar Ismail said, Indonesia is also currently awaiting validation of ICAO to scores of national aviation safety. He explained that there are two validation process conducted by the international organization. First, through the validation off site, which directly implement ICAO team in Montreal to consider the data that has been uploaded online by the Ministry of Transportation.

“Secondly, yaon site visit, which was named ICAO coordination validation mission. The plan this year, that of f site evaluation will be carried out by ICAO Montreal, hopefully from there we can leverage our numbers over the global. Global figure of 60%, “said Muzaffar.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Law Society of Air Andre Rahadian rate, the government’s efforts through the Ministry of Transportation to improve the scores of national aviation safety and security ICAO version can already be felt. This is particularly evident from the large number of new regulations related to the issuance of the flight. However, he expects consistency from regulators in applying those rules to increase aviation safety and security can be realized as a whole.

“In addition, we also suggested that new regulations were taken into account in relation to the national eksistensimaskapai business. Do not let it burden the airline regulations, especially amid economic conditions that tend to slow down. Peraturanperaturan it can be applied taking into account the time frame (deadline) longer, “he said.


In another section, Muzaffar explained, the Indonesian government continues to concentrate on improving aviation safety standards applied by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the current Category II to Category I.

“To implement the program of IASA (International Aviation Safety Assessment), Indonesia given a time slot at the beginning of February 2016. So, we are still waiting for because many are lining up to be audited,” said Muzaffar.

According to him, all the policies implemented by the government to improve the category is going according to plan. However, he urged, so that all national airlines to consistently implement any regulations that have been imposed regulator.

“We expect the airline konsistencomplydengan regulation. All procedures, we have created, but if it does not comply, it could be a problem. So, the FAA came later did not rule out looking directly into the airline, will be checked one by one, “he said.

Investor Daily, Monday, November 9, 2015, p. 6