Commemorating Regional Otonomy Day, West Java Crowned Once Again as the Best National Performing Province

SIDOARJO-West Java Provincial Government once again crowned as the best-performing / national best-performing province based on the Evaluation of Local Government Performance (EKPPD) 2016 to the 2015 Local Government Implementation Report by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The highest award from the central government to the local government was handed over directly by the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menkopolhukam) Wiranto who represented President Jokowi and accompanied by Minister of Home Affairs Tjahyo Kumolo to the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) at the height of the commemoration of Autonomy Day Regional (Otda) to XXI in 2017, which is centered in Sidoarjo Town Square, Tuesday (25/04/2017).

This award is in accordance with the Minister of Home Affairs Decree No. 120-10241 Year 2016 on Rating Determination and Performance Status of Local Government Organizing Year 2015, in which West Java Provincial Government, East Java Provincial Government and East Kalimantan Province become the top three best performing nation. Followed by each of the 10 best national areas at the district and city levels of 415 districts and 93 cities assessed. In Jabar itself, the best performing local government nationally is achieved by Depok City, Sukabumi City, Bandung City, Banjar City and Kuningan Regency.

Achievement of two consecutive awards this makes Jabar a great opportunity to reach Parasamya Purna Karya Nugraha if the next year is able to defend it.

“Thank God we have twice in a row hopefully next year we reach again then become Parasamya Purna Karya Nugraha,” said Aher after receiving the award.

Aher revealed, public service innovation programs based on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that has been applied successfully. Like three public service applications that have recently been adopted by 17 Provinces in Indonesia and became the KPK’s pilot project in preventing acts of corruption. The application is a one-stop unified licensing service, an Online Employee Performance Target (SKP) application based on employee benefits improvement and e-Samsat application.

“We are grateful that the program we are doing is going well, initially not intended to be awarded but it is the recognition from various parties beyond our expectations, this certainly injected the ranks of West Java provincial government to perform more spirit,” he said.

In the assessment for this year the criteria assessed to be more complete with hundreds of indicators so that inter-regional competition is getting tighter. This was conveyed by Taufik Budi Santoso, Head of Otda Bureau and Regional Secretariat Cooperation West Java Provincial also attended Aher.

“The criteria assessed this year is more complete but still accurate, the competition between regions is also very much felt, but Jabar still consistently maintains the achievement of the previous year’s performance,” explained Taufik.

Taufik continued, “In this LPPD assessment, Jabar scored 3.1760, and only slightly adrift with East Java who reached 3.1802, while the third rank and next rank far below us”.