PLN supplies 15 MVA of electricity for BIJB

MAJALENGKA, (PR) .- Manager of PT PLN Distrbusi West Java Area Sumedang Ririn Rachmawardini said PLN will prepare 15 Mega Volt Ampere (MVA) to support electricity needs at West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, Majalengka. The power supply is for phase I in 2017, with a value of around Rp 78 billion.

According to Ririn, the power grid to supply BIJB will be taken from GI Cikedung, by taking the underground network system of approximately 38 kilo meters.

“We have budgeted enough funds for the purchase of MDU materials, wiring and connection services and network building up to BIJB. So the biggest fund is allocated for the purchase of materials, “said Ririn, during the donation event to the Ngaji teachers and orphans at PLN Majalengka Office yard.

Ririn said the electrical power of that size is expected to be sufficient to sustain all the electricity needs at the airport when operating in the future. However, if assessed still less, electric power will be added and made its own substation in Sub Kertajati District.

“We support BIJB Kertajati, because of its effect to Majalengka and other surrounding areas. BIJB will be supplied from two main substations, Cikedung and Bakc-up from the New Duchy, “he said.

PLN Manager Majalengka Iwan Fuji said, the electricity supply for the national project BIJB has entered phase one. And now enter the stage of cable deployment from the Main Substation Cikedung to Majalengka.

“The cable has been deployed only the process is there is a bit of obstacles because of the difficult terrain, because it must pass through plantation land, forestry so it takes an esktra process including communicating with the landowners. However, we expect the electricity supply will be connected to the BIJB target, “said Iwan.

On the other hand, Iwan revealed, it is now continuously trying to do network maintenance and provide maximum service for consumers, especially in Ramadan and Idul Fitri. This is in line with the increase of electricity consumption during fasting and Eid.

“In the two momentum, fasting and Eid always there is an increase of usage kwh electricity. Our efforts to keep electricity well connected to every consumer with power that remains stable. During Lebaran, many people are going home from town to kampung, automatically many activities in the village, while in the city a bit. That is what we are anticipating, “he said.

Maintenance and replacement of open cables, continued Iwan, has reached the area of ​​Tomo and Tolengas, Sumedang District, as well as the Duchy to Duchy Market. After that proceed to other areas such as Bantarujeg, Lemahsugih.

Ririn added, it will continue to provide the best service to the community, especially during fasting, and Lebaran later. It also will continue to make maintenance and turn of open cable to be closed.

Related donation activities to the Ngaji teachers and orphans in Majalengka, Ririn explained that the funds provided for the compensation is sourced from the Institute of Amil Zakat Infaq and Shoaqoh (Lazis) PLN. “This donation is from the salary of PLN employees who are cut from the center to enter the lazis. Previously the same activity was held in Tanjungsari, Jatiwangi and Sumedang, “he said. ***

Source: (19 Juni 2017 / 11.56 AM)