CSR Series “Kampung Ramadhan Kertajati 2017”

MAJALENGKA, FOKUSJabar.com: The son of Majalengka, especially Kertajati, is expected to take the role of Majalengka progress in the future, in line with the operation of West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, so that the airport can be filled by the pride of Majalengka.

This was conveyed by President Director of PT BIJB, Virda Dimas Eka Putra when giving the material pesantren kilat Ramadan held BUMD West Java Province titled Kampung Ramadan. Activities in filling the month of Ramadan followed by children who live in five villages in the District Kertajati, Tuesday (20/06/2017) yesterday.

According to him, the things in the form of wishes, dreams, and hopes can be grown when the children who live around the location of the Airport, in a way near to the location of the airport, given the understanding of airport operations, as well as basic technical things that can grow the ideals -the future in order for the children of the surrounding community can take part in the Airport.

“We are aware, if the children who are around this Airport in the next 10-15 years should be able to fill the role here. So from now we try to grow dreams, hopes, and ideals so that they have a great desire to play in the airport. One of them by bringing them closer to our environment, with activities to hold Kampung Ramadan, “he said.

Secretary of PT BIJB, Wasfan said that the Ramadan Village activity involves residents from five villages directly related to BIJB project, namely Bantarjati, Kertasari, Sukamulya, Sukakerta and Kertajati Village.

“Ramadan is filled with lightning pesantren activities, followed by children from five5 villages, azdan contest, mosque cleanliness contest in every village,” he said.

Menuruntya, expected perception in this activity can foster togetherness of residents Kertajati District with PT BIJB in religious coaching.

“Pesantren kilat followed by 75 students, devoted to elementary students, adzan contest for regeneration because it is rare muadzin young, with educators and the jury involves local clerics,” he concluded.

(Adim / Yun)

Source: http://fokusjabar.com/2017/06/21/bijb-gelar-kampung-ramadhan-di-kertajati/ (June 21, 2017 / 12.51 PM)