Initial Section of Cisumdawu Toll Road Immediately Construction Process

BANDUNG, (SM), – Two sections in the construction of the Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan Toll Road (Cisumdawu) which becomes the government’s portion is continuously accelerated. Lastly, Section I between Cileunyi-Rancakalong will soon begin its construction process beginning 2018

“This is inseparable from the availability of land that has reached 67.43 percent.If already above 60 percent, it can be done the construction process,” said Sekda Jabar, Iwa Karniwa in Bandung, Friday (2/2).

According to him, the land requirement for the 11.45 km road needs in section I comes from community land and agencies. Among them IPDN who handed over an area of ​​60 ha for road bodies along the 3 km.

With the commencement of the initial section, Iwa Karniwa explains the crucial sections to which the portion of the government has gone entirely. Previously, the work was still focused on Section II Rancakalong-Sumedang.

The section is quite challenging. The reason is that there is a 472m tunnel-making process that will become a 61km highway icon targeted to operate in 2019.

At this time, new workers pierced the hill as far as 250 meters for the direction of Cileunyi-Sumedang. For the reverse direction, the newly translucent hill is about 200 meters.

Beyond that, Iwa Karniwa mentioned that for the construction of the same toll segment but outside the portion of the government projected as the Bandung-Kertajati Airport connections it also shows an uplifting trend.

“For Section III, between Sumedang-Cimalaka is also ready to start the construction process, the article of land that is ready 98 percent,” he said while the process is held by PT Citra Karya Jabar Tol as concession holder.

For sections 5 and 6, Iwa mentioned that the segment is still in the process of revising the location determination and starting land acquisition. Section 5 connects between Legok-Ujung Jaya and Section 6 between Ujung Jaya-Dawuan.