Tebing Keraton

Tebing Keraton is a tourist attraction in the region of Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda (Tahura Juanda) Bandung. Administratively located in Puncak Desa Kampung Ciharegem Ciburial Bandung regency.

In the region Tebing Keraton, you can enjoy the green scenery Tahura Juanda. You will see more beautiful scenery when you come before sunrise or approximately 6am. At that time you can enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere of the hills which are still shrouded in thick fog. Coupled with the beauty of the sun rising behind the hill in the east. Therefore, do not forget to bring your camera so that this beautiful scenery you can capture.

Tebing Keraton always crowded by visitors. Usually they want to see the charm of the natural beauty of the cliffs of the palace. Movement mist hovering gliding between the trees, and when the sun shines through the fog, it adds to the beautiful scenery in the morning Tebing Keraton.

Tebing Keraton precisely in the area Tahura Juanda managed by the West Java Provincial Government cq. Central Management Forest Park Technical Implementation Unit Forestry Office of West Java Province. Therefore, there should be no stalls in this Tebing Keratons location. If you are thirsty or hungry after walking around, you can eat and drink in a stall that is located across a parking lot, or in residential areas.

Not difficult to reach cliffs of this palace though the condition of the road to the location is not so representative. From downtown Bandung Dago Pakar berbeloklah direction, then in the direction of Tahura Juanda. After Juanda Tahura gate, turn right then you will pass the big houses and then the township. After that you will arrive in a stall with a large billboard that read Warung Bandrek.

The journey has not been completed, you still have to pass climbs and rocky road, then you get to the top post, directly in the region Tebing Keraton. Then here you can park your vehicle. And to achieve Tebing Keraton itself, you still have to walk approximately 5 minutes. Admission prices for domestic visitors amounted Rp.11.0000. For visitors from abroad have to pay for Rp.75.000, -. The price of admission can be used to get into all the region Tahura Juanda. The ticket price is based on Governor Regulation (gubernatorial) of West Java No. 26 Year 2013 on the Management of Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda.

Which must be prepared before you visit Forest Park is a camera, a jacket to withstand the cold, drinks and petrol vehicles must be fully charged. If you just go alone or both, suggested better ride motorcycles, because the way you’ll pass is still not too good and because it has not been repaired by the tour manager, namely Tahura Juanda. [AS / demit]