Cisumdawu Toll Road Tunnel Targets Totally June 2018

BANDUNG, (SINDO), – The toughest Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan toll road (Cisumdawu), the development of a 472-meter long twin tunnel is targeted to be completed in June 2018.
West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said the Cisumdawu Toll Task Force who handled the project in section 1 and 2 was pushing the tunnel’s completion so that the 2 Rancakalong-Sumedang section will be completed by 2019.

“Section 2 Phase I Rancakalong-Ciherang has been completed 100% August 2017. For phase II Phase II Ciherang-Sumedang there is still land acquisition and completion of twin tunnel,” said Iwa in Bandung, Wednesday (10/1/2018).

Iwa explained that for phase 2 phase II, physical progress is now only 25.78% or 4.33% deviation from the target of 21.45% which is charged until early 2018. While newly acquired land reaches 75,44% of phase requirement along this 10.70 kilometer.

“The remaining land in 3 villages is still in the process of appraisal, deliberation and payment,” he said.

In the second phase, Iwa continued, there is still a change of land owned by the TNI in the form of processed road, including the transfer of SPMA land status waiting for the recommendation of replacement land from the West Java Provincial Government. “I have assigned BPKAD regarding the transfer of this status is accelerated, this phase of land acquisition is completed entirely in December 2018,” he said.

The phase that was built with a contract value of Rp3, 48 trillion is considered Iwa has shown rapid progress, especially the toughest physical work, ie through the hill to build tunnel.

“Tunnel to the left of Sumedang direction has entered 213 meters, right next to the Cileunyi has entered 155 meters, the target is completed in June,” he said.

Related to the 1st section of Cileunyi-Rancakalong along 11.45 kilometers whose land position has reached 37.43%, Cisumdawu Toll Road Unit is targeting, the land acquisition is completed in 2018. The government itself has calculated the cost for land acquisition reached Rp1, 5 trillion more.

“Estimated construction costs approximately Rp2, 270 trillion more or less,” he explained.

In addition, there are two land along the 1.7 kilometers and the land Institute of Government Affairs (IPDN) approximately 3 kilometers that are ready to be carried out parallel construction as the completion of the dispute with the heirs.

“The remaining land is being carried out the measurement of physical completion targets simultaneously with the 2 phase 2 phase of 2019,” he said.

According to him, the Cisumdawu Toll Road Enterprise of PT Citra Karya Jabar Tol (CKJT) confirmed that the physical completion of the 3-6 sections completed by December 2019.

He explained, the most significant progress from the side of the land is in section 3 along 3.75 kilometers which has now reached 98.08%. “Since October 2017 the construction process has started, there are 4 fields remaining in the payment process, there is also the relocation of one school,” he said.

While in section 6 Ujungjaya-Dawuan along 4.23 kilometers, PT CKJT has started to continue the construction process, especially in Perhutani land approximately 11 hectares.

“Perhutani own land reached 121 hectares or ultimate 8 kilometers,” he said.

Iwa added, PT CKJT itself targets, the whole section of land acquisition can be done in April 2018, especially to pursue sections 5 and 6 which is still 0% from the availability of land.

“We are also preparing a bailout fund for land acquisition, we have prepared Rp800 billion,” said Iwa.