To become World Class Holding Company, Top 10 Best Airport & Aerocity in its class, and be the engine of the economy in West Java through the development and construction of the cultural roots and values ​​of West Java”


  1. Managing airport and its business area professionally, profitably, effectively, and efficiently.
  2. Providing benefits for economic progress for the welfare of people in West Java
  3. Connecting world through airport in West Java, especially Kertajati International Airport & Aerocity.

Airport and aerocity development is divided into phases to reach its ultimate stage in 2045. We set several targets every year as milestone or key points to achieve the vision. Airport landside construction will begin in August of 2015 while the airside has already started in 2014. The whole 2016 will be the year of construction progress as main facility of passenger terminal building will be completed at Q1 2018.

Our first flight expected to depart in early 2018 and running with 1,5 million passengers average to the end of the year. Parallel to that, in 2017, the development of Kertajati Aerocity is expected to start. By the year of 2018 we will optimize airport facility construction and by the end of 2019 we expect the completion airport development phase 2.