Cikadongdong River Tubing, Water Tours in Majalengka

If you’re in Kabupten Majalengka, rich baseball complete deh, if you have not stopped over to this one water attractions. His name is Cikadongdong Rivertubing. Called river tubing because the playground that utilizes the potential of the river with the swift water flowing in the river.

Location of the tour that again hits it is located in the Village Payung District Rajagaluh, Majalengka, West Java. Only 12 kilometers from Majalengka city center. Access to the location is easy to reach two-and four-wheeled vehicles. So baseball there is a reason deh for tourists who are still confused looking for a good holiday venue.

Water rides in Cikadondong River has a length of 250 meters. The clear water overflow with the current is promising that the tourist spot is valid for family holidays. The river water comes from Mount Ciremai.

River Tubing in Cikadondong River itself is reached by two stages. The first stage covered 50 meters, with a mild challenge due to currents and rapids that rail tracks pass through. So it is suitable for beginners even children who are not good at swimming. Start starts from the confluence of two streams to the nusa area is the land located in the middle of the Cikadondong river.

The second stage is the most challenging with the most distant distance of about 200 meters and with a stream of river water winding and has many rapids. In the path we will pass the bridge connecting roads Village and Teja Payung. If all obstacles have been reached we will meet the finish line which has a gentle river flow. Travel time is estimated to take 15 minutes.

To test the adrenaline there are already available guide who already know the terrain. Management is still purely done by local residents who come from youth and nature lovers. Security standards to test the pleasure of these tours are filled with managers. For example rubber tires, body armor, and helmets.

Price to glide on the Cikadongdong River is priced with tickets Rp 25 thousand per person. Out of playing water, stomach rumble? Duh really baseball deh. For the group is usually the manager provides liwet rice food that must be delicious to eat post-wet.

Well, already know the River River Cikadondong River. Now you can make the rides into one of your holiday list. People say: The clear river water makes the visitors who come here will not feel satisfied only once enjoyed it.