Curug Ibun Pelangi is a natural tourist destination that is very interesting to visit because its beautiful charm has recently become a conversation among tourists to visit it because it is very suitable and suitable for shooting spots.


This waterfall even earned the nickname Grand Canyon Majalengka. This waterfall, which is located in Sukadana Village, Argapura District, Majalengka Regency, West Java Province, has now become a new option to settle in an area located on the back of Mount Ciremai.


The beauty of Curug Ibun Pelangi is even more complete in the morning and evening or when the sun is tilted around 60 degrees. Its beautiful charm is often the target of photographers and local and foreign tourists and has been viral and booming on social media.


Examining the charm of other beauty of this waterfall and one of the attractions of Curug Ibun is the lava cliffs and the lighting. This waterfall is a combination of a waterfall and a river that is flanked by 2 high cliffs. Named Ibun Pelangi because the dew from the river that falls and is exposed to sunlight so that the rainbow light can appear around the waterfall is an exotic sight to be seen and immortalized.


Other beautiful natural charms that are presented in this waterfall area besides the rainbow light, you can also enjoy beautiful treats in the form of views of caves and cliffs that resemble and resemble the Grand Canyon in the Pangandaran area, West Java.


To enjoy and visit Curug Ibun Pelangi, the distance and travel time to the waterfall that must be taken by tourists from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, through several travel routes. The tour route starts from BIJB (KJT) through Jl Kertajati-Kadipaten and Jl Majalengka-Cikijing with a distance of 44.0 km and a travel time of 1 hour 3 minutes.