Enchantment Situ Cipanten, Blend of Beautiful Environment, Lake and Forest


Hearing the term Situ Cipanten natural tourist destination, of course this assumption is attached to the conversation of young people in Majalengka. Moreover, there is a booming destination where the water is clear, the lake environment is surrounded by trees similar to forests and the color of the lake water which likes to change color is certainly an intriguing phenomenon to know. Moreover, many photo spots are seen and displayed on their social media. Of course it makes a traveler curious, right? In order to immediately visit and recognize the existence of this there.


Location Situ Cipanten is located in Gunung Kuning Village, Sindang District, Majalengka Regency. According to its history, the existence of this site has existed since 1970. In the past it seemed haunted, but now thanks to the serious cooperation and innovation of cleaning up the site and professional management between the Gunung Kuning Village Government and local youths, now it is the place most visited by tourists.


This 1 hectare natural tourist area now actually offers a variety of contemporary and very attractive options for millennial travelers to visit locations such as: Spots for instragramable selfies that can be found on titanic boats and bridges of love. Other unique facilities can also be enjoyed by travelers with water boats and ducks-bebekan rides.

Privileges including natural wonders can also be found there, especially when tourists can see the color of the lake water that can change. The color of the lake can become Tosca green during the dry season, but one day it can turn blue when the rainy season arrives.


Besides being empowered for natural tourist destinations, Situ Cipanten is also used by local residents as a source of irrigation. To increase the economic level of the residents there it is also used for the management of freshwater fisheries.


To visit this location, a traveler is given several alternative options, if the trip starts from the center of Majalengka City, it will cover a distance of about 16 km. The route taken from Majalengka to Rajagaluh, after that to Salagedang Village and Sindang District. However, if tourists outside Majalengka whose journey starts from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, the distance traveled (38.3 km) takes 1 hour by passing Jl. Jatiwangi - Majalengka / Jl. Jatiwangi - Majalengka - Karayunan.