Strategically located within 3480 ha area of development, Kertajati International Airport and Aerocity will adopt One Gate Service Management to achieve the goals strategically. The implementation itself consists of 5 (five) phases, preparation phase (2015), phase I (2015-2020), phase I-II (2016-2025), phase III (2025-2035), and phase IV (2035-2045). Phase I will be focused on Airport Developing, phase I-II will be concentrated on Kertajati Aerocity Development, phase III will be the growth of Kertajati as aerotropolis, and as the final phase, Kertajati Aerocity will act as an enabler of sustainable economic.

Kertajati Aerocity will act as an enabler of economic growth of eastern West Java, especially in CIAYUMAJAKUNING (Cirebon – Indramayu – Majalengka – Kuningan) Region. Kertajati Aerocity will serve as an industrial corridor by having direct access to Karawang Industrial District and Bandung Metropolitan Area, where it is going to develop CIAYUMAJAKUNING region at the same time. Likewise, the connectivity will be supported by several types of transportation infrastructure; Cisumdawu (Cileunyi – Sumedang – Dawuan) Toll Road that connects Bandung Metro to Kertajati, Cikapali (Cikampek – Palimanan) toll road that connects Karawang Industrial District to Kertajati and Kertajati to Cirebon, also railway construction from Bandung to Kertajati and Kertajati to Cirebon.

Kertajati Aerocity is going to promote and reinforce the creation of the “growth engine” for the economy in the western part of Indonesia. Several stakeholders like local government, central government, investor, and society will take the advantages from Kertajati Aerocity Development. Kertajati Aerocity will enhance the income and purchasing power of local people, increasing the level of prosperity, creating local business climate, and generating employment for the society. As for the government, it will stimulate the local economy, reinforcing the development of industry, business & tourism sector, encouraging the cultivation of natural resources to support high value added industry, tax earning, and many others. Investor will get global market access, security and safety, cost reduction to be more competitive in the market, and become production bases to ease the entrance toward ASEAN Market.

BIJB Aerocity Specs