Accessibility Towards Kertajati Airport Expanded

MAJALENGKA, – The accessibility of non-toll road construction leads to the West Java International Airport (BIJB), in Kertajati Subdistrict, Majalengka Regency, is in the widening stage. Improvement of the supporting infrastructure is intended so that people who access the airport from the east and north lines can be more free.

Camat Kertajati Aminudin said, along the six kilometers of roads starting from the Kertajati Toll Gate (GT) was expanded to 30 meters. Currently physical work has been carried out by Majalengka Department of Highways and Human Settlements (BMCK). It is targeted that the expansion of the provincial road will be completed by the end of 2018.

“The widening of the non-toll road starts from the Kertajati gate toll gate to the airport gate (Kertajati),” said Aminudin.

“The widening is 30 meters and now the physical process of exemption and work has taken place. It takes over the land owned by the West Java provincial government,” said the Camat.

In addition to non-toll roads, the supporting facilities in the form of tolls to Kertajati Airport are also prepared. According to him, the toll road will be directly connected to Cipali with the closest slice of kilometer 157. Later the airport toll road is only 3.8 kilometers from the interchange of the longest toll road in Indonesia.

“For toll roads, land acquisition has been carried out, but physically it is not yet because there are several sections that have not been released,” he said.