Animo Residents of Lebaran Mudik Through High BIJB

MAJALENGKA, (REPUBLIKA.CO.ID), – Although only serving commercial flights in early June 2018, West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, Majalengka Regency, became the choice of many people to go back and forth Idul Fitri 2018 Idul Fitri. of the high interest of citizens to fly from BIJB during the homecoming and backlash.

” Animo residents for going home and going through the BIJB, high, ” said Head of Public Relations and Documentation PT BIJB, Aradea Adisudarma, told Republika on Thursday (21/6).

Aradea said the high interest of the residents was seen from the passenger seat of the plane that was almost full in every flight schedule. Similar conditions are also seen through seats that have been booked for the next three days.

Aradea said, based on data from the Citilink airline, for the Kertajati – Surabaya route, seats booked for the flight June 22 are 162 pax, June 23 flights are 138 pax and June 24 is 127 pax. As for the Surabaya – Kertajati route, seats booked for June 22 flight are 180 pax, June 23 flights are 180 pax and June 24 is 179 pax. ‘180 is full pax,’ ‘explained Aradea.

Aradea acknowledged, until now there are new airlines that serve Citilink flights in BIJB. For the flight route was limited to Kertajati – Surabaya and vice versa. As for other airlines, until now is in the discussion of routes.

When asked about the extension of the runway from 2,500 meters to 3,000 meters, Aradea reluctant to give an explanation. According to him, the problem is the authority of Angkasa Pura II.

Meanwhile, one passenger plane that flies from BIJB is Sultan Sepuh XIV, PRA Arief Natadiningrat and Consort Raden Ayu Syarifah Isye Natadiningrat. Both of them flew from BIJB to Surabaya by Citilink aircraft on Thursday (21/6) at 07.25 WIB.

” As a citizen of West Java, I accidentally flew from BIJB, ” said Sultan of Kasepuhan Palace Cirebon it.

Sultan Sepuh stated that this is done to encourage BIJB to operate fully. In addition, also to invite citizens of West Java to start using BIJB which became the pride of West Java.

” Hopefully BIJB can expand its route to 50 domestic routes and 10 international routes, ” said Sultan Sepuh.

Sultan Sepuh added, after landing in Surabaya, he will continue the journey to Makassar. In addition to attending the wedding, will also conduct a relationship with families and kings in South Sulawesi.