BIJB Starts Normalization of Situ Jawura Water Channel

Concrete steps are shown directly PT West Java International Airport (BIJB) as the executor of the airport project development in Kertajati District, Majalengka Regency. The floods that harbor the area of ​​paddy fields and road infrastructure, followed up by normalizing the channels in Situ Jawura Kertajati District.

Head of Public Relations and General of Project Management Unit (UMP) PT BIJB Rizkita Tjahjono Widodo said, normalization of Situ Jawura done during the next week. The upstream repair point is intended to facilitate water that has been stagnant due to malfunction of drainage.

“Improvement (normalization) is now being done because it turns out the water line there is constrained by the culverts that clogged We target the work here one week ahead,” said the man who is familiarly called Dodo, when met at the site of improvement, Monday 11 November 2017.

Dodo added, the overflow of water at some point is indeed caused can not accommodate the water discharge from the parent Cibolerang River to Situ Jawura. This is due to high rainfall. The results of a study with the Office of Natural Resources Province of West Java rain that occurred lately not enough to accommodate the volume of water.

For example, rain on 16 November, heavy rain flushed five hours with an intensity of 116 mm. The swift water with a capacity of 15 m3 / sec makes Situ Jawura load uncontrollable. Though usually the rain that flushed no more than the intensity of 100 mm.

“Usually the rain is intensified 60 mm, but now it can be up to 100 mm more so that the work is done related to a few days ago where the water overflowed and caused flooding agricultural areas,” said Dodo.

“Some of the things we have done regarding this first is to do the trash from there Jaura to Cimanueh,” he added.

Emergency repair or short-term treatment is done so that the water flow can function properly. Improving this channel hope, rain water can smoothly without causing negative excess that leads to Situ Cimaneuh.

“So this is done so that the water that is there cijaura divided evenly.
Improvement is now being done because it turns out the water line in situ Cimaneuh also constrained the culverts are clogged, “said Dodo.

As for the long term as PT BIJB’s commitment to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, the water supply from Cibolerang River to Ciduwet River is done immediately. The allocation will be done by West Java provincial government will be adjusted with the development of land channel that has been released.

Another step, PT BIJB will also create a pool of water reservoirs around the airport. Some of these steps certainly hope what has been complained about the community can be resolved well. PT BIJB also expressed apology to Majalengka people who felt the excesses of airport development.

“Basically, the problem of floods is that there are some conditions that cause not only the airport, but the high rainfall and blockage in the waterway and must be handled with integration such as PSDA, BBWS, and related parties must be solid,” he said.

“But with and what we do can be a solution to what happened yesterday,” lid Dodo.