Binamarga of West Java Accelerate Road Widening Access to BIJB

West Java provincial government in 2015, through the Department of Highways will accelerate the work of the project widening access roads to the West Java International Airport (BIJB) in Kertajati Majalengka district, which is now the stage of the development process.

Head of Highways West Java Province, M. Guntoro said this year it would widen the road from the original 6 meters to 9 meters, as a form of conduct development of road quality. It is for the provincial road segment-Bts Kadipaten.
Majalengka / Indramayu-Jatibarang.

“This year we did increase support BIJB road. The road was widened from 6 to 9 meters,” said Guntoro.

He explained, for road-Bts Kadipaten. Majalengka / Indramayu there along 7 kilometers will be widened. Similarly, the segment Bts. Majalengka / Indramayu-Jatibarang the roads repaired, the same length.

“For that, we are also doing the land acquisition process,” he added.

That way land acquisition of land for road widening segment-Jatibarang Kadipaten as well as for the construction of the access road toll and non-toll to BIJB.

“This is all we are working on. So it is hoped will width Jalan Kadipaten until Jatibarang which is 9 meters and access to non-toll and the toll is 6/2 D,” he said.