Two Cambodian Airlines explore the route to Kertajati airport

Jakarta, (CNN Indonesia) – Two frangipani airlines JC International Airlines and Sky Angkor Airlines said they were interested in exploring Kertajati Airport in West Java.

“Indonesia’s presentation on West Java is very good. A lot can be explored. Next Monday, I want to go to Bandung to discuss charter flight plans from Siem Riep to Kertajati, West Java,” Sky Angkor Airlines’ Quality Assurance Director Hilman Zaidan said on Sunday (7/10) .

Hilman explained the reason Cambodia wanted to try out West Java because of market studies conducted by the Royal Cambodian airline said there was great potential in opening the route.

The reason is, among others, shopping tours in Bandung are world-class, relatively scattered factory outlets and malls. Starting from Cihampelas Walk, Paris Van Java, Trans Studio Mall, Pasar Baru Trade Center, Bandung Indah Plaza, Braga City Walk, to Summit Factory Outlet.

In addition, Hilman, another reason is the good natural charm of West Java, such as Bambu Lembang Hamlet, Begonia Park, Malela Waterfall, Anteng Panoramic Coffee Slope, Cikole Pine Forest Tourism, and Situ Lembang.

Not only that, but there are also White Crater, Cimanggu Hot Springs, Ranca Upas, Situ Patenggang, Mount Puntang, Tebing Keraton, Dago Pakar, and Puncak Ciumbuleuit.

On the other hand, he said, West Java also provides a variety of resorts, hotels and inns. In addition, there are also culinary tastes that are not much different from the tongues of other Asians.

“Monday we will conduct further studies. We will make sure again all the potential that Bandung has and its surroundings support the opening of the route,” he said.

Supported Access

Hilman said that the new airport was also supported by highways and connecting trains in Bandung-Kertajati-Cirebon. There is also the Cisumdawu toll road connecting Bandung-Kertajati, Cipali toll road which connects Kertajati-Karawang Industrial Area to the Cirebon port.

Kertajati Airport itself has a runway of 3,500 meters with an airport capacity of up to 5 million visitors. In addition, the airport is also surrounded by aerotropolis with various support facilities such as cinema, creative technology center and aviation training center.

Head of Area IV Marketing of Indochina region Kemenpar Heri Hermawan was seen happy to hear the plan. According to him, the two Cambodian airlines are believed to be able to open up opportunities for the Chinese market.

“While in Siem Riep, both were very enthusiastic. The target market was not from Cambodia but the Chinese market that entered via Siem Riep,” said Heri.

Menpar Arief Yahya was optimistic about all the plans. He said the Chinese market is currently in the number one position of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia.

“Bandung and its surroundings are very beautiful. West Java is also family-friendly. Please fly to Kertajati. We will help JC and Sky Angkor to enter via charter flight,” Arief concluded. (egp / stu)