Indramayu Ensured to be a Hajj Embarkation

(IHRAM.CO.ID), INDRAMAYU, – Indramayu Regency is confirmed to be the location of Hajj embarkation. The haj embarkation development process is planned to begin in early 2020.

The certainty was conveyed by the Head of the Ministry of Religion of West Java Province through the Head of Hajj Affairs, Azam Mustazam, which was expressed directly to the Regent of Indramayu, Anna Sophanah in the Indramayu Regency Hall on Wednesday (8/8). Azam explained, the determination of Indramayu Regency as the area to be built for the Hajj embarkation was the final decision.

The determination was now just waiting for the signature of the Director General of Hajj and Umrah (PHU) Implementation of the Ministry of Religion Nizar Ali who was performing the Hajj. “Indramayu is the most prepared compared to other districts / cities because it is ready to grant the land around seven hectares for the hajj embarkation,” Azam said.

The land provided by the Indramayu Regency Government is considered very broad. That number is far wider than the Bekasi Hajj embarkation which is only three hectares.

According to Azam, he is currently preparing embarkation development planning documents and various other supporting documents. There are perceptions and commitments that must be harmonized between the Indramayu Regency Government and the Ministry of Religion.

Azam revealed, one of the things that must be prepared immediately is the process of releasing land or grants from the Indramayu Regency Government to the Ministry of Religion. “Initial construction will be carried out by building dormitories, mosques, kitchens, and polyclinics. While the following year, development will be carried out,” said Azam.

Indramayu Regent Anna Sophanah said, Indramayu people were very enthusiastic in welcoming the Hajj Embarkation development plan located in the Lohbener District. The existence of the embarkation will have a positive impact on economic development in the surrounding area.

“In the near future, we will send a letter to the Indramayu DPRD regarding the release of regional assets to the Ministry of Religion for the construction of Hajj embarkation,” said Anna.

The plan to operate BIJB Kertajati, Majalengka Regency as a place for hajj departures requires hajj embarkation. Indramayu Regency as a ‘neighbor’ is ready and worthy of being a Hajj embarkation.

The readiness and feasibility of Indramayu Regency for the construction of Hajj embarkation has also been reviewed directly by the Director General of Hajj and Umrah (PHU) Implementation of the Ministry of Religion Nizar Ali, Monday (28/5). He also saw firsthand the land prepared by the Indramayu Regency Government to build the Hajj embarkation.

The site review was a follow-up to the proposal from the Indramayu Regent, Anna Sophanah, who had exposed the proposed development of Hajj embarkation in Indramayu Regency, in Jakarta, on May 14, 2018.

Source: Pasti-jadi-embarkasi-haji