Jabar Optimistic Can Depart Hajj from BIJB

(IHRAM.CO.ID), BANDUNG – The plan to haj pilgrims through West Java International Airport (BIJB) still has not received the blessing from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. However, West Java provincial government is still optimistic that the plan to dispatch pilgrimage from the airport in Kertajati-Majalengka can be realized. Because, West Java provincial government has found a solution of various problems.

“Alhamdulillah is still in the process, but there is still a chance to be able to (leave the Hajj, red) later let from the Ministry of Religious Affairs he handles the tupoksi,” Iwa told reporters in Pusdai Jabar, Wednesday (4/7).

Iwa said, based on information from Kanwil Kemenag, the issue has been discussed. Because, there is a system that will be applied for the first time in Indonesia trusted by Saudi Arabia for the immigration process is not done in Saudi Arabia but in Indonesia.

“This is a new system of immigration in Indonesia is actually a security is very risky it’s a discussion for 3 years Menag with Arab parties,” he said.

After successfully lobbying, he said, now Indonesia is believed the process of immigration is not in Jedah or Medina but the immigration process is done in the embarkation of Hajj. This system, will facilitate the pilgrims. Because, first all pilgrims have to wait 5 to 6 hours for verification. Once this system is enforced, later verification is only a thumb. Thus, it will help the hajj pilgrims.

“The Jabar hajj embarkation in Bekasi and BIJB is now necessary, but the solution is being discussed technically but the core is still optimistic that the implementation can be partly in BIJB,” he said.

With a variety of considerations, he said, so later leave it to stay in Sukarno Hatta initially with Saudi Arabia Air lines. “Well, from us all embarkation is settled in haj embarkation and then pulled in the airport.This technical, is in Kemenag,” he said.

Iwa asserted, the important thing now there is a solution. But, what kind of technical is still in process. Currently, there are 15 more steps to complete. “But we Insha Allah is optimistic this will be still optimistic still optimistic that can be solved,” he said.