Kadin: Majalengka Community Must Compete with Outside Entrepreneurs

(JABARNEWS), MAJALENGKA, – The rapid development in Majalengka Regency has a positive impact on regional development. Moreover, after the inauguration of the West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati by President Joko Widodo, in May, investors have seen this district.

Some entrepreneurs began to glance at several locations in the district nicknamed the City of Wind was to build a business and establish cooperation with the local government. Of course, the business potential that will be woven can improve the living standards of its people.

This was expressed by the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) of Majalengka Regency, Budi Viktoriadi. In the past year, Majalengka Regency has attracted foreign businessmen.

Not a few, said Budi, entrepreneurs who have plans to buy land for office or place of business in Majalengka District. At present, the entrepreneurs are still in the search for a strategic location.

“This means, for the Majalengka residents themselves, this should be a motivation. Entrepreneurs from outside the region have seen promising business potential. Local entrepreneurs and citizens of Majalengka must be prepared, do not lose with outside businessmen, “he said, Tuesday (24/7).

Budi added that Kadin currently can be used as a means of information, consultation and container as a means of communication to facilitate and advocate. For that, local entrepreneurs and Majalengka citizens who intend to make more efforts to take advantage of opportunities that exist in the region itself.

“We are ready to help, share information. In essence, do not let us as citizens or local businessmen just become spectators, when outsiders come here and do business here, “he said.