Kemenhub Accelerate the Development of Transport Infrastructure in West Java

(SINDONEWS), BANDUNG – Ministry of Transportation consistently conducts the development of transportation infrastructure to support connectivity in Indonesia. One of them is to accelerate the development of transportation infrastructure in West Java, namely Kertajati Airport and Patimban Port. This is done according to the direction of President Joko Widodo that West Java is a buffer of DKI Jakarta Province.

“West Java is Indonesia’s most populous province of 48 million people, therefore the President commissioned us to build West Java in order to be able to provide better productivity.There are two new growth centers that we are doing are Kertajati Airport and Port Patimban,” explained Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi in the 16th National Dialogue in Bandung, Thursday (19/07/2018).

According to Budi Karya, the government will build a port in West Java with greater than Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta. So all the big ships from the United States, Europe can come there. And goods from all over Indonesia are shipped from Port of Patimban to be exported abroad. “This is an international hub port,” he explained.

Budi Karya added the presence of Port Patimban will facilitate the flow of goods and logistics for industries in West Java and provide prosperity for the people of West Java. Port Patimban itself is targeted to be completed by 2020.

In addition to Port Patimban, there is also Kertajati Airport which was inaugurated as West Java International Airport in May last. “West Java is very potential, therefore in May, we inaugurated the Kertajati Airport as an international airport so if you want to go hajj, umrah or tour can be from Kertajati Airport.This is indeed a desire from the government to provide transportation facilities for the community,” said Minister of Transportation.

Furthermore, he mentioned, the development of transportation infrastructure is also done in Sukabumi, including the construction of double track KA Bogor-Sukabumi and Airport development in Sukabumi.

“I can complain that the travel time from Jakarta to Sukabumi up to 6 hours.This we build a train with 2 lines.If done, if now travel time from Bogor to Sukabumi approximately 3-4 hours, then approximately 45 minutes. Then we will build an airport in Sukabumi which Insha Allah finished in 2020. So Jakarta to Sukabumi only 30 minutes “.

Budi Karya believes that the development of the transportation facility will make Sukabumi as a tourism center in West Java.

Then on the city of Bandung, the Minister of Transportation said it would build Light Rail Transit (LRT). This transportation facility will provide convenience for the community and reduce traffic density in Bandung.

“If you want to walk in Bandung there is also a train.For the city of Bandung there are LRT metro capsule, fast train with monorail from Jakarta to Bandung and also traveling around the city of Bandung is also easier.Riding a car and motorcycle cause jams, later with monorail is cheaper and environmentally friendly, “he explained.

To that end, the Minister of Transportation expects the participation of the people of West Java in supporting the government’s development and use the transport facilities well.

“We expect the people of West Java to actively support the development of the government and participate to jointly develop or use it,” he closed.