Kertajati is Targeted as a Hajj Dormitory

BANDUNG, (BISNIS.COM), – The Ministry of Religion expressed interest in making the Aerocity Kertajati region, Majalengka, an embarkation hajj pilgrimage center in West Java 2019.

President Director of PT Bandarudara International West Java (BIJB) Virda Dimas Ekaputra said last week the Ministry of Religion had conducted a survey directly to Kertajati Subdistrict related to the 2019 pilgrimage embarkation. “It turned out that the Ministry of Religion was interested in us,” he said in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Friday (19 / 10/2018).

In the surveyed location, according to him, it is planned that PT PP Properti will build 4 towers with a capacity of 1000 rooms with an investment of Rp500 billion. “The permit has been issued, the IMB will be left shortly from the Regent of Majalengka. If the IMB comes out in November, hopefully in December it will begin,” he explained.

PT BIJB itself is acknowledged Virda is eyeing the construction of a hajj dormitory because there are already in the masterplan of aerospace. Even the land that has been prepared reaches 17 hectares even though only 80%. “Only we lack communication, some regions have submitted Indramayu, Sumedang proposals to the Ministry of Religion,” he said.

The Ministry of Religion itself hopes that the dormitory will be more like a 3-star hotel where during the Hajj season it will rent to PT BIJB. However, his party ensures that this offer must be addressed by finalizing business designs and concepts. “Outside of the hotel pilgrimage, we can rent it for umroh, all sorts of things because of the entry into the commercial area,” he said.