MAJALENGKA, – The operation of the West Java International Airport (BIJB), Kertajati, in Majalengka Regency, must also be easily supported in terms of accessibility. One of the supporters to support this accessibility is the availability of modes of transportation.

After Perum Damri as a state-owned company serves passenger transportation from and to Kertajati Airport every day, similar services are also increasing soon. This is in line with the signing of cooperation between PT BIJB and four transportation service operators, in the Kertajati Airport Terminal area, Monday 5 November 2018. Four representatives of the transportation modes are PT City Trans Utama, PT Citra Maharlika Lintas Wahana, PT Elang Cakra Ekspres , and PT Purwa Utama Transportation. Present to witness the West Java Transportation Agency and the ranks of the regencies / cities and the Executive General Manager (EGM) of Kertajati Airport, Ibut Astono.

“This transportation is an important means, with the existence of strategic cooperation with the partners, of course, it can facilitate the people to reach Kertajati Airport from various regions in West Java,” said Finance Director of PT BIJB Muhamad Singgih after the signing.

As a new gateway for West Java, Kertajati Airport must be maximized by connecting various modes of transportation. The more transportation according to him, this will accelerate passenger traffic at Kertajati Airport. Moreover, flight services at Kertajati Airport also continue to grow in line with the entry of several airlines interested in opening flight services. Citilink and Lion Air airlines have opened domestic and international flight services for Umrah. While the domestic airline TransNusa will begin operations on November 11 with the aim of Bandar Lampung and Semarang.

“This airport was built to serve people who used to use air-based transportation. But we here cannot stand alone because there must be other infrastructure that can support the airport’s presence so that it can be maximally operational. So we thank the land-based transportation operators who can support the operation of Kertajati Airport so that it can be maximized, “said Singgih.

The four operators will serve passengers to a number of areas in West Java starting Friday November 9 2018. PT Citytrans Utama and PT Citra Maharlika Lintas Wahana begin opening the Bandung, Tasikmalaya and Kertajati routes by round trip, then PT Elang Cakra Ekspress serves passengers in the region North namely Indramayu, Cirebon and Majalengka and finally PT Purwa Transportasi Utama will reach the Purwakarta area.

Singgih believes that the increasing number of flight routes at Kertajati Airport has also increased people’s needs in terms of connectivity. Especially if the Cileunyi Toll Road Sumedang Dawuan (Cisumdawu) operates, it will make it easier for people to use the airport as a pride of West Java residents because it will be easier to reach. Because Kertajati Airport is designed to serve the West Java area in the north and south and west of Central Java.

“If the Cisumdawu Toll Road operates Kertajati Airport, it will certainly be the main option for flying. Because the airport is extensive, attractive flight services, easy accessibility, I believe people will not hesitate to use the airport as a flying necessity, “he added.

“We know that this airport will soon be crowded. If we see from our FS (Feasibility Study) this year 14 routes are served. We are together with AP II (airport operators) together to continue to add routes,” Singgih added.

Meanwhile, Ibut Astono added, the key to the emergence of the airport is the ease of connectivity. As the new airport that was inaugurated in May 2018, he considered it reasonable if the operation had not been maximized because of accessibility that had not been fully supported. “Hopefully with this cooperation we can accommodate the community together. Hopefully this can reach all regions in order to provide land and air transportation services. Hopefully we can both carry out the mission of serving and benefiting the community,” explained Ibut. / HUMAS BIJB