“Majalengka People Must Catch Business Opportunity BIJB Presence”

Economic growth in West Java, especially in Majalengka regency, will grow rapidly in the future. This is not separated from the presence of West Java International Airport (BIJB), airport pride of West Java residents who will be inaugurated in 2018.

Corporate Secretary of PT West Java International Airport (PT BIJB) Wasfan W Widodo said the airport with all access to its supporters should be captured by the surrounding community to improve the economy in the northern region of West Java. Just to be known, the area of ​​Aerocity, the Cipali Toll and which will soon operate Cisumdawu Toll, as well as mass transportation infrastructure such as integrated rail confirms that the economic equity has begun to move there. Absorption of manpower by BIJB in large numbers will occur where 150 thousand to 400 thousand will be sucked. As compensation of the people around will also be felt.

“The existence of BIJB is a balancer of economic growth there.It is expected that economic growth in the northern region will rise.If the west is faster developing because it is adjacent to the capital, it has become a logical consequence,” said Wasfan in Bandung, Friday, November 10, 2017.

“People should grasp the opportunity with the presence of BIJB, because the change should not be a threat but a chance to be presented,” added Wasfan.

He expects, the local government to be able to inventory the potentials that will grow in the region there. Majalengka with all the potential that is owned, for example from the tourism sector can be created by its own community so that in the future there citizens do not become ‘foreign in their own home’.

As the airport is predicted to suck up 2.7 million people in the first year of operation, human mobility will occur as a transit place. “The awareness should be a process of shifting the mindset,” he said.

Meanwhile, Economic Observer Pasundan University of Bandung Acuviarta Kartabi continue, the imbalance of economic growth for the north and west will be overcome by the presence of BIJB. The reason so far economic growth in Majalengka tend to be slow where HDI only move around 64,55. Aggressive economic movement leaning to the west and Bandung Raya area. If the local government is observant, it could be economic growth there exceeds the target.

“So I think in terms of existence BIJB many positive, not Majalengka only, but West Java as a whole where finally have a representative airport,” said Acuviarta.

He even believes, in the first five years of operating economic growth rate there will rise one to 1.5 percent. It sees from the opportunities that exist through the absorption of labor, investors and consumption uptake. That way for the long-term economy in Majalengka will rise more than two percent.

“People do not have to worry, people come to BIJB potential, because the development of the area is very massive,” he said. When a region becomes a transit service sector will develop, one of them hotel. But it will not be optimal if no attraction is presented. The people here can create to make a profit.

PT BIJB who is responsible with airport development and aerocity area according to him can not work alone. Another instrument must move one of them government to be able to empower the local community. So the potential of BIJB with all its superiority will be maximized.

“Of course we have to prepare.The people’s doubts that they will just as spectators should be convinced not only BIJB but the regency / city government prepares.If all focus on BIJB will not solve the problem.All the economic impact is wide.Social problem must be regulated. which has been called the government compensation is not that, but to replace the profits, “added Acuviarta who is a member of this ISEI.