This Idul Fitri, Citilink Fly to Kertajati

MAJALENGKA,- Airline carrier Citilink Indonesia starts the Lebaran 2018 season by launching its inaugural flight, Surabaya – BIJB route (West Java International Airport) Kertajati, Majalengka on Friday, June 8, 2018. Surabaya – Kertajati Flight, QG 9820 from Juanda Airport took off at 05.00 am and arrived at BIJB Kertajati at 06.15 WIB.

While the opposite route Kertajati – Surabaya with flight number GQ 9821 departed at 07.25 WIB and back in the City Hero at 08:55 pm.

The prime landing of a commercial aircraft in Kertajati was accompanied by a water salute ceremony. Around 130 passengers arriving at the Kertajati terminal were greeted by interest by PT BIJB, PT Angkasa Pura II and Citilink Indonesia.

“This inaugural flight is part of an extra flight flight to accommodate passengers who want to travel back and forth to celebrate Idul Fitri 1439 H in their respective homes,” said Director of Citilink Juliandra Nurtjahjo, Friday, June 8, 2018. In welcoming the holiday season Idul Fitri 2018, Citilink Indonesia prepares 392 extra flights with a capacity of 70,560 passengers to various destinations in 12 routes in Indonesia.

Specifically for Kertajati route, the flight time from Garuda Indonesia subsidiary company will be valid on a regular basis as Citilink Indonesia will start to fly daily with the same departure and arrival hours.

Juliandra continued, The presence of Citilink Indonesia at the new airport BIJB Kertajati which recently inaugurated the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is intended to provide a choice of destinations. This is also to facilitate access to air transportation for passengers living in eastern West Java and West Central Java during the Idul Fitri season.

“Citilink Indonesia sees the prospect of passenger growth from and towards BIJB Kertajati very positive, making it possible to conduct regular flights,” he added.

With flights to and from Kertajati, Citilink Indonesia also hopes to contribute in supporting local economic growth, as the government also expects to be a point of economic growth that immediately triggers the economic centers in the surrounding area.

Director of PT International International Java West Java Virda Dimas Ekaputra welcomes Citilink Indonesia which can be the first airline by opening the route to this KJT-coded airport. Since it was inaugurated on May 24, 2018 then a number of airlines have already expressed interest to be able to serve flights from this Kertajati. But today Citilink shows its seriousness by making its maiden flight.

“Citilink is the first airline that can open the Surabaya route to Kertajati and also the reverse route.This is a historic day as well, because finally there are flights from Kertajati.Of course we would like to thank Citilink,” said Virda.

Virda hopes, in addition to Surabaya’s destinations, Citilink can also serve the community to other areas in Indonesia. Because at the beginning of the operation of this airport can serve at least five domestic flight routes to some dominant destination in the country.

The five routes are Kertajati – Medan, Kertajati – Denpasar, Kertajati Banjarmasin or Kertajati Balikpapan. “The route is what we expect to be able to fulfill by Citilink,” he said, adding that the routes could be accommodated in terms of air-based transportation, “said Virda.

Virda also said, the opening of flights by Citilink could be another airline triger. The reason this airport in the early years of operation target can serve 2.7 million passengers in 2018 this. To fulfill it, other aviation service providers are expected to immediately serve flights from Kertajati. Moreover, the 2018 Haj flight service is projected to be served from the Airport which has this peacock icon.

He mentioned that Lion Air and Garuda Indonesia have also expressed an interest to operate at Kertajati Airport “The interest of many other airlines is that with the initial Citilink flight, I am sure other airlines can also operate at Kertajati Airport,” added Virda.

Director of Operational and Engineering Angkasa Pura II Djoko Murjatmojo said, to add enthusiastic citizens flying from Kertajati, it already provides cashback Rp 10 million each flight airline. “So every single flight we prepare Rp 10 million for this whole,” he said.

Kertajati is supported by land transportation mode.

Virda added, Kertajati operation is also supported by land transportation mode that connects the people of West Java. Perum Damri engaged in the field of land transport services became the first mode directly integrated with this Airport. This red plate company at the beginning of the operation to serve passengers from Bandung, Cirebon, Kuningan, and Cikarang are directly connected to Kertajati and vice versa.

“We are also grateful at the beginning of the operation of Kertajati Airport, Damri’s land transportation has been serving passengers, with the entry of Damri to Kertajati, making it easier for people to use air transportation that wants to travel far,” he said.