Water Channel Improvement Situ Jawura Kertajati

The improvement of water channel in Situ Jawura which become the base of flood around West Java International Airport (BIJB), Kertajati Sub-district, Majalengka Regency, is continuously accelerated. As an airport project implementer, PT BIJB is responsible for reducing the impact on the environment around the airport.

Head of Public Relations and General of Project Management Unit (UMP) of PT BIJB Rizkita Tjahjono Widodo said the short-term repair effort is done by normalizing the water channel in Situ Jawura, Kertajati District. The findings on the channel field are not working well because there are so many deposits that the water can not flow smoothly. The widening of the culverts is currently done at three meters.

“The culvert that is currently being worked on which from Situ Jawura to Cimaneuh we are doing the cleaning because the original function for water and divided into Cimaneuh baseball function.Lowing current is done up to three meters where previously did not work at all,” said the man who is familiarly called Dodo, in Majalengka Regency, Thursday, December 14, 2017.

Floods that had been flooding around the airport like rice fields recognized him, is due to the occurrence of high rainfall. The results of a study with the Office of Natural Resources Province of West Java rain that occurred lately not enough to accommodate the volume of water. For example in mid-November and heavy rains have an intensity of 116 mm. The swift water with a capacity of 15 m3 / sec makes Situ Jawura load uncontrollable. Though usually the rain that flushed no more than the intensity of 100 mm.

“So that makes the water overflow,” said Dodo. The water debit from the mother of Cibolerang River to Situ Jawura becomes choked up.

He also added that the water gate that could be the controller in and out of the water repaired.
This emergency improvement is hopeful, rainwater can be smoothly without causing negative excess which leads to Situ Cimaneuh.

“The water door has also been repaired, it is not functioning so we finally decided to open the flap of the water gate and now we just think that operates it,” explained Dodo.

He said that the improvement of the water channel is continually accelerated by PT BIJB to answer the complaints of residents around Kertajati Airport related to the flood that ambushed in the rain with high intensity. “The improvement from us has already been done about 50 percent, and one more week of improvement will be completed, and hope there will be no flooding,” said Dodo.