PT BIJB Distributes 14 14 Sacrificial Animals in the Village in Kertajati

MAJALENGKA, – Along with the momentum of Eid al-Adha 1439 Hijriah, PT Bandarudara Internasional West Java (BIJB) through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program distributed 14 sacrificial animals in the form of cattle.

Distribution of qurban animals was carried out to 14 ring one villages of Kertajati Airport and affected villages for the development of the aerocity area in Kertajati Subdistrict, Majalengka Regency, West Java.

President Director of PT BIJB Virda Dimas Ekaputra said the creative charity program held jointly with PT BIJB Aerocity Development (AD) CSR was different compared to previous years. Because there is a value of education given to people who receive these benefits.

“Our CSR program this year is different from previous years because there is an additional value in the form of training in fattening and raising cows,” said Virda in Majalengka, Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

Cows for these 14 villages are; Kertajati Sukamulya, Sukakerta, Bantarjati, Kertasari, Mekarmulya, Mekarjaya, Babakan, Palasah, Kertawinangun, Pasiripis, Sukawana, Pakubeureum, and Sahbandar have been distributed to each village since July 21st. Distribution of qurban animals is received directly by each village apparatus.

After the animals are accepted, each village must carry out maintenance because the parameters of the assessment during the race are the level of weight gain and animal cleanliness. In its implementation, PT BIJB and PT BIJB AD which collaborated with the National Filantra NGO carried out periodic monitoring until the animals were ready to be slaughtered on August 22, 2018 or 10 Dzulhijah later.

Also involved are local volunteers for assistance during implementation from 21 July to 21 August 2018.

“Later before the slaughter there was an assessment and competition between villages to get prizes,” added Virda.

PT BIJB’s CSR program and PT BIJB AD through creative charity is one of the company’s forms of concern for residents around Kertajati Airport that have been well established since the airport was built.

This method is also a form of motivating people to participate in different ways of celebrating Muslims in an Eid al-Qurban event or also known as Lebaran Haji. / HUMAS BIJB