PT PP and BIJB Will Work on Aerocity in the Kertajati Airport Area

PT PP Properti Tbk is building a tower on a 30-hectare land this year. The construction of this tower is also the beginning of the development of the aerocity area at Kertajati Airport, Majalengka, West Java.

PT PP Properti Tbk’s Finance Director, Indaryanto, said later through the construction of the tower to support the facilities at Kertajati Airport which would be used as a pilgrimage center and umrah center in the eastern and western part of Central Java.

“We developed around 30 hectares of land to build a tower this year to be used as a pilgrimage center and umrah center,” he said when met at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (29/8).

Indaryanto explained that there will be 4 towers built in Phase I. There will also be a tower height of around 5 floors and a capacity of 1,100 units. In the aerocity area, Kertajati Airport will build a number of supporting facilities such as apartments, hotels, offices and commercial areas.

According to Indrayanto, the company has 130 hectares of a total of 300 hectares of land at Kertajati Airport. He said the release of the remaining land would be the duty of a subsidiary from the establishment of a joint venture with an airport operator, namely PT International Airport West Java (BIJB).

“In total there are 130 hectares there, currently we are the majority owner, around 80 percent. Remain the land later for the affairs of the subsidiary. Share the task, “he said.

The projects to be built at Kertajati Airport will be carried out by subsidiaries that are currently formed. He said this subsidiary had been formed.

“Subsidiaries have been formed, commissioners already exist, capital deposits also exist,” he said.