Reactivation of Four Railways Will Be Integrated with Kertajati Airport

BANDUNG, (PR) .- The reactivation of four railway lines in West Java along with the development of transportation infrastructure in West Java today. For information, the Provincial Government and PT Kereta Api Indonesia will reactivate four railway lines on the Bandung-Ciwidey Line, Rancaekek-Tanjungsari, Banjar-Pangandaran-Cijulang and Cibatu-Garut.

Head of West Java Transportation Agency, Dedi Taufik, said that his party was indeed doing integration in public transportation in West Java.

“Regarding the reactivation of the train, we plan to integrate it with the West Java International Airport, now the airport is finished just planning the train line. The governor also wants the Rancaekek Tanjungsari line to go to the Kertajati Duchy, or double track to Pantura-Arjawinangun into Kertajati,” he said in commemoration of National Transportation Day at Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung City, Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

He admitted, the plan was to trigger the impact of the BIJB’s presence when it was operating.

In addition, he said, the train was planned to be connected to the existing Patimban port, which will be inaugurated next year in March 2019. In addition, Pelabuhan Ratu and Bojong Salawe in Pangandaran, which is close to Nusawiru Airport along with the reactivation of the Banjar-train Pangandaran-Cijulang that will be connected with Bojong Salawe.

With a number of plans said Dedi, his side not only provides services but also must prioritize passenger safety.

“Put forward a new safety service. In accordance with the transportation day, it is very harmonious to build a harmonious nation to realize safe transportation,” he said.