Ridwan Kamil Will Speed Up Construction of Hajj Dormitory in Kertajati

BANDUNG (TEMPO.CO), – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said the hajj departure from Kertajati airport was canceled in 2018 because of constraints on the existence of the Hajj dormitory. “The embarkation is still in Bekasi. If the Hajj flight is to be available next year, we will try to speed up the Hajj hostel adjacent to Kertajati, “he said, Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

Ridwan Kamil said, the Hajj dormitory for West Java worshipers is currently still in Bekasi. “The obstacle is there,” he said.

Ridwan Kamil plans to speed up the construction of a hajj dormitory so that he can depart from Kertajati airport in Majalengka next year. “The points are not technical in tourism, but more on immigration management because of the unavailability of dormitories. I will try to speed up so that next year’s Hajj season can see thousands of people flying in Kertajati, “he said.

He claimed to have not received information about a number of areas around Kertajati airport that offered to become the location of the Hajj embarkation. “I have not received in-depth information. That there is a need, yes, I understand. But the choice of position is not yet informed. So today I can’t answer where the location is, “said Ridwan Kamil.

Ridwan Kamil said that the hajj dormitory was needed to ensure that the pilgrimage departure from Kertajati airport could be done in 2019. “I know all the fighting areas. All want. If all want, I have to make a fair decision. I have to check based on the most adequate technical parameters, “he said

Ridwan Kamil said that he refrained from promoting the Kertajati airport. One of the reasons is the obstacle in the connecting road infrastructure to the airport in Majalengka. “The ideal access is Cisumdawu Toll Road (Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan). But the route that is most ready to pass (Cipali toll road), “he said. “The Cisumdawu toll road is already connected. We will be promoting promotion because of infrastructure confidence. ”

President Director of PT West Java International Airport or BIJB, Virda Dimas Ekaputra, said that three regions had offered their territory to become Hajj embarkation to support the departure of Hajj from Kertajati airport, namely Indramayu, Sumedang and Majalengka. “The most aggressive is Indramayu,” he said in Bandung, Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Virda said, PT BIJB was also interested in building a hajj dormitory on Aerocity, a Kertajati airport supporting area. The master plan for the development of Aerocity Kertajati has also included the existence of the Hajj dormitory. “The location already exists. The land has been released, “he said.

Virda said, BIJB had begun to build the Aerocity area. Of the 3 thousand hectares more projections of the Aerocity area, PT BIJB has released 180 hectares of land. Collaborating with PT PP Pro, for example, has begun construction of apartments and residential areas. “It’s been marketed,” he said.

According to Virda, the area supporting Umroh flight services on Aerocity for example can be developed into a hajj dormitory. The area of ​​land prepared through 17 hectares, 80 percent of which has been released. The place to stay is targeted to be able to accommodate the equivalent of 3 pilgrimage pilots, around 1,200 people. “We want to complete it in 2 years. But this year, there is a minimum capacity of 1 group, 400 people, with 200 rooms, 1 room is occupied by both, it has already been made, “he said.

Virda said, this year’s Hajj flight was canceled from Kertajati airport because of the problem of the existence of Hajj dormitory. “Want to use three hotels in Majalengka, the Minister of Religion is not pleased. For example about security and others. So it doesn’t work. The airport is not yet ready for Boeing 777 aircraft, so it flew from Kertajati to Soekarno Hatta first and that was possible. That doesn’t allow it to move the Bekasi Hajj dormitory, “he said.

Previously, Sumedang Regent Donny Ahmad Munir said, Sumedang proposed the location of the Kertajati airport pilgrimage embarkation in Ujungjaya, Sumedang. “Only 9 kilometers from Kertajati airport. There is a private land, in the village of Sapujaya, an area of ​​36 hectares, located in Ujungjaya, into the Aerocity area. It is more appropriate if in Ujungjaya it becomes the embarkation of Hajj in West Java, and there is a Haj hospital. I am trying to push this to the province, “he said, at the end of September 2018.