Ridwan Kamil Wants Kertajati Airport Just Like Changi

Bisnis.com, BANDUNG – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil began to talk a lot about the development of Kertajati Airport, Majalengka.

Regional Assistant for Economic and Development Affairs West Java Regional Secretary Eddy M Nasution said there were bright spots on the process of the West Java Provincial Government’s negotiations, PT BIJB’s BUMD and AP II after Emil was committed to lobby immediately. “From our side in cooperation, he has heard what we want and AP II wants,” he said on business, Wednesday (09/26/2018).

According to him Emil will negotiate the matter directly with Rini Soewandi so that there is an acceleration and meeting point. Especially related to the composition of 4 directors where the position of president director, finance director, and development comes from the West Java Provincial Government, while AP II is sufficiently operational director.

“He did not say agree or not, but he saw this as our interest,” he said.

Emil himself requested that PT BIJB to develop business potential at the terminal referring to Changi Airport, Singapore. According to Eddy, West Java Governor considered there must be something that passengers and visitors of the airport enjoyed inside other than just to fly.

“Changi is complete inside, can only advance. Not complementing the airport, the mindset must be reversed, “he said.

As for runway business, Eddy ensured that Emil still requested that the opportunity to build the extension be submitted to AP II or the Ministry of Transportation again.

This request will certainly be reviewed soon, considering that one of the last options is that PT BIJB will build the runway with the condition that the Ministry of Transportation grants the 2500 meter runway that has been built. “This is what we will study,” he said.