This year BIJB Depart 3 Kloters of Hajj Pilgrims

MAJALENGKA (RADARCIREBON), Majalengka Regent DR H Sutrisno SE Msi stated that West Java International Airport (BIJB) in Kertajati will start to be used for the departure of 3 kloter from Hajj pilgrims from Bekasi, Sumedang, Bandung and Majalengka combined. Only, for embarkation still use embrkasi Hajj Bekasi.

Regent of two periods requested the BIJB and PT Angkasa Pura II can immediately complete the extension of the construction of the remaining 500 meters for the runway in BIJB. So that all the pilgrims from West Java can fly from BIJB.

He also asked the central government to immediately build a haj embarkation in Majalengka District. So far the local government already has a land area of ​​5 hectares for embarkation of Hajj around the intersection of Leuwikidang North Ring Road which is only 15-20 from BIJB. “The location for embarkation of Haj is very strategic,” he said after opening the event of youth pilgrimage yesterday.

Development Assistant Secretary Majalengka, Drs H Abdul Gani Msi added, the number of pilgrims from West Java is classified as the most in the country that reached 38 thousand. Therefore, West Java worthy to build the BIJB and in the future can be built 14th haj embarkation in Majalengka District.

For this year there are 3 kloter that fly from BIJB, although still airport slot in Cengkareng. “We do not want to impose pilgrims to be able to fly from BIJB. But this form of syiar if West Java has an international airport in Majalengka, “he told Radar Majalengka.

He mentioned, kloter intact from Majalengka Regency will not fly from BIJB. But that will fly from BIJB among them kloter KBIH Persis which is a combination of Bandung and kloter from Bekasi. “We want to try to provide the best service for pilgrims and we are still discussing it with the central government,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Religious Affairs Ministry of Majalengka, Dr. H Yayat Hidayat MAg said, the number of pilgrims from Majalengka origin reached 1,167 people. They are joined with flying groups (kloter) 70, 74 and 77. And when added the officer amounted to 1118 people. “Their departure is divided into 3 kloter. namely kloter 70, kloter 74 and kloter 77 which will depart on 6-7-9 August 2018, “he explained.

Yayat cautioned that the congregation is always compact, keep the cooperation in the room, team, entourage and kloter. And always keep the physical remains prime. He explained, the number of meals this year increased significantly ie 75 meals. Once in Jeddah, 40 times during Makkah, 16 times in Arofah, Muzdalifah, Mina, 18 times in Medina.

Yayat informed, this year’s policy when there are pilgrims who died, it can be inherited to children and family members. “We hope that all pilgrims can run the hajj smoothly and return to the water safely with the title of pilgrim mabrur,” he hoped.

Alluding to the departure of Hajj pilgrims who departed from BIJB Kertajati, Yayat mention, there are only 3 kloter. All three are kloter 1 Sumedang, kloter 79 Bekasi and kloter 96 which is a combined kloter. “BIJB Kertajati will only dispatch 3 kloter, but the embarkation remains in Bekasi,” he concluded.