Corporate Governance

The Basic Principles and The Development of Corporate Governance

Commitment implementation of GCG in PT Bandarudara Internasional Jawa Barat corporation reflects the belief that the basic principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) emerged as a result of the relation of 3 (three) substantial pillars which are :

  1. State and devices as regulator;
  2. The corporate world as a provider of products and services at the same time as market participants; and
  3. Society as users of products and services and as an affected party who then can show more care and control objectively.

The relation of these three pillars is expected to create a situation and market conducive and has long term sustainable aspect. At the internal level of PT Bandarudara Internasional Jawa Barat, in applying GCG practices is one of the substantial steps that could increase the corporate value and can encourage corporate management to become professional, transparent and efficient. The implementation of corporate governance practices can meet the full obligation either to shareholders or to business partners, all stakeholders and the public as well as consumers in general.

Company Core Values
To achieve vision and mission throughout operation activities, the company established core values as corporate culture foundation referred by all employees. Taken from the eight elements of virtues from Pasundan culture PT. Bandarudara Internasional Jawa Barat core values are symbolized the colors
of the company logo.

The values are listed below:
1. Teger – Durable;
2. Wanter – Highly Innovative;
3. Cageur – Healthy;
4. Bageur – Pleasant;
5. Pinter – Intelligent;
6. Singer – Conscientious;
7. Bener – Trustworthy; and
8. Tanjeur – Strong.


Company’s Culture

Employees of PT Bandarudara Internasional Jawa Barat is an employee that possesses:

  1. Integrity: The harmony of mind, sense, and behavior through maintaining high quality performance for self and others by implementing four key behaviors of honesty, prudence, trustworthy, and loyalty.
  2. Market Focus: Dynamic with market change and development especially ones related to airport and aero city both directly and indirectly in focus and guided to create great works through leadership intention and market-in basis;
  3. Team Player: Being world class company, seen through employment pattern of great and super team, value of mutual support, team work, proactive performance, winwin thinking, and seeking first to understand;
  4. Excellence: Success in coping the challenges, growing and developing to become world class company through excellent human resources and great operational by being innovative, GCG minded, and calculated risk taker;
  5. Networking Friendship: Real success gained through friendly networks, capable in synergizing every aspect to cooperate, open minded, friendly with global way of thinking.

Those company’s cultures are shortened to I’M TEN (I’m 10, I’m perfect).

GCG Implementation

Based on general guideline of GCG, PT Bandarudara Internasional Jawa Barat strives to implement GCG role through the following principles:

  1. Transparency, an openness of information disclosure principle of the company which is accessible and easily recognized by stakeholders. In addition to maintaining objectivity, transparency reveals not only problems required by laws and regulations, but also any important things for decision-making by shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders.
  2. Accountability, a transparently and fairly performance accountability principle, through proper and scalable management and compatible with the interests of the company by considering the interest of shareholders and other stakeholders. The principle of accountability is a necessary precondition to achieve continuous performance.
  3. Responsibility, a responsible principle, counted in following legislation and carrying out responsibilities towards the society and environment, so that the business continuity can be maintained in a long period and they can be recognized as a good corporate citizen.
  4. Independence, a principle of independently company management, so that each parts’ activity is not dominating and intervening each other.
  5. Fairness and Equality, a principle which in conducting its activities, the company must always take the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders into consideration based on the principles of fairness and equality, including equal opportunities in recruitment, career development and duties implementation.