Wisma Haji Indramayu Clean Up, Blessing For BIJB Kertajati

INDRAMAYU (BISNIS.COM), – West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), welcomed the construction of a new building in Wisma Haji Indramayu Complex.
According to him, the facility will be very helpful in terms of coaching pilgrims.
“We welcome this Haj pilgrimage, of course it will be very helpful in order to facilitate the pilgrims, as well as for religious development activities such as training, cadre, education, training and so on,” said Governor Ahmad Heryawan in Saturday (3/6 / 2018) night.
Aher also added that Wisma Haji Indramayu can be associated also with the presence of West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati. Where now, the airport will serve as the embarkation of Hajj.
“Already some pilgrims will depart from Kertajati, Part of Halim, next year hopefully can be full of Kertajati,” he said.
However, Aher said, to achieve the desire, there must be adequate hajj hostel to accommodate the congregation of West Java before leaving.
Therefore, it is also necessary to build Haj Provincial Dormitory that is sufficient to accommodate the hajj departure of West Java Province. Reportedly, the Government of Indramayu District has also prepared the land for the construction of the embarkation of the pilgrimage.
Reportedly, Pemkab Indramayu has prepared a land area of ​​seven hectares for the dormitory embarkation hostel was built.
“A progress if Indramayu is ready, but, the decision will be with the Ministry,” Aher said.
Meanwhile, Head of Department of Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Kab. Indramayu, Omarsyah, said the number of Hajj pilgrims (calhaj) Indramayu, from year to year has increased significantly.
So, to provide a sense of security, comfort, and ease in preparing before leaving for Hajj, adequate facilities are needed.
In addition to the needs of Hajj, there are also Community Organizations (mass organizations) in the Indramayu environment that also needs a building for various activities, such as religious studies, or various activities of society in general.
“The district government of Indramayu build facilities beseta completeness,” he said.
The construction of new building in Wisma Haji Indramayu this time, is the 3rd stage. Where in the previous stage-1, has made a fence around the barrier that costs Rp. 900 million.
While the second stage built the building manager, restoration, and continued construction of a fence worth Rp 4 billion.
“Today will begin the third phase of dormitory A, with a building area of ​​2017 square meters, with 3 floors facilities, 57 VIP rooms, 24 first class rooms and meeting rooms,” said Omarsyah.
B Boarding House will also be built on a land of 1.158 square meters, three floors, with 20 VIP room facilities, first class 30 rooms, equipped with three lifts and play ground.
“In addition to the building will also be built mosques, halls, restoration, and library,” he hoped.

Source: http://bandung.bisnis.com/read/20180603/82443/579198/wisma-haji-indramayu-berbenah-berkah-untuk-bijb-kertajati